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11 Benefits Of Waxing Your Car That Makes It Look Brand New

Many people wash their cars frequently to keep their paint in great shape. After all, it is very important to keep dirt off your car by washing it. Surprisingly, most people don’t know all the reasons why waxing is so important.

Here is a list of 11 benefits of waxing your car.

  1. Protects Against Scratches
  2. Shields Dirt from Your Paint
  3. Makes Your Car Look Shiny
  4. Helps Maintain the Paint
  5. Makes Your Car Easier to Clean
  6. Repels Water
  7. Keeps Your Car Clean Longer
  8. Adds Another Protective Layer to Your Paint
  9. Protects Against Sun Damage
  10. Keeps Your Car Looking New
  11. Helps Mask Imperfections

Unfortunately, many of these people who strive to keep their car’s paint in great condition overlook waxing their car, which has many benefits in addition to washing.

Waxing your car is an essential step to keeping your car clean and must not be overlooked. Read on to find out more!

Is It Good To Wax Your Car?

Scratches and other small paint imperfections are extremely common and impossible to avoid entirely. The most common scratches occur in the clear coat, which is the outermost layer of your car’s paint.

Although car wax won’t fully protect against all clear coat scratches, it can help minimize them. These light scratches accumulate on your car’s paint over time, eventually becoming very noticeable and covering the entire car.

Clear coat scratches are commonly caused by improper washing, holding your keys as you open your door, rubbing against your car, automatic car washes, and many other things.

Since there are so many causes for car scratches, they occur quite often. Even very light contact with the vehicle can cause clear coat scratches.

Therefore, it is important to have another layer of protection on top of the clear coat. This could save your car from some of these light scratches.

scratched car handle

By applying car wax, you will help these scratches occur less often. Without a wax layer providing extra protection, these scratches build up much faster.

Shields Dirt from Your Paint

Waxing your car will help prevent dirt from sticking to your vehicle by creating a smooth, uniform surface.

This smooth surface makes it more difficult for dirt to stick to the paint.

The clear coat layer of your paint has a rougher surface with many small bumps and imperfections.

dirty car

A wax layer creates a shield on the clear coat, reducing the stickiness of tree sap, bird droppings, and more. Rather, these sticky contaminants will sit on the smooth wax layer, making it easier to clean off.

Additionally, dirt and other particles like road salt can become embedded in your car’s paint. This embedded dirt cannot be removed from the car using a normal washing process.

To remove this type of dirt you must use a clay bar system. This is a much more involved process and can take a while to complete.

Having a layer of wax will reduce the chances of dirt and other contaminants becoming embedded in your paint.

This saves you time and money in the future, as you will not have to remove them from the paint eventually.

Overall, waxing your car helps prevent dirt from sticking and embedding into the paint. This makes it easier to clean and saves you from intensive paint care in the future.

Makes Your Car Look Shiny

Having a shiny car is something that many people wish to achieve, as it can show off a nice car and make you look good as the driver.

It is commonly understood by most people that waxing your car will give an increased shine and make your paint look amazing.

Natural oils in the car wax help add shine to the paint, giving it a fantastic, new appearance.

old orange car

Additionally, car wax can fill in minor imperfections in the clear coat, giving it a more uniform appearance.

This uniform appearance makes the paint look like it’s in better condition than it actually is.

A shiny car is one of the biggest benefits of using car wax and is sought after by many car owners.

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Helps Maintain the Paint

Your car’s paint is one of the first things people notice about your car. This can impact you in a positive or negative way.

If your car’s paint is faded, scratched, and beat up, most people won’t enjoy looking at your car (unless they’re making fun of it).

On the contrary, if your car has a clean, shiny, and perfect appearance people will notice how nice your car is.

clean honda s2000

Fading and scratching of the paint occurs over time as a result of poor protection and neglect.

Therefore, it is important to keep your paint protected with wax consistently to avoid deterioration. This will help you achieve a shiny, clean appearance throughout the life of your vehicle.

Not only does this effect how others perceive you, but it also effects the resale value of your car.

A car with faded and horrible-looking paint will sell for much less than a car with a shiny paint job.

This is not only due to the actual condition of the paint, but car buyers will associate a well-maintained paint job with a well-maintained vehicle.

Maintaining your car’s paint with car wax is a very important part of keeping your car clean.

Makes Your Car Easier to Clean

Waxing will make it easier to clean your car when it comes time to wash.

Many people aren’t aware of this benefit of waxing your car, but it is a very useful property of car wax.

Car wax helps prevent dirt from sticking to the car’s surface by creating a smooth and protective layer around the paint.

washing car

This makes dirt and other particles easier to wash off, as it will not stick as easily to the wax layer.

Repels Water

Another great benefit of car wax which many people do not consider is it’s hydrophobic properties.

Wax will cause water to bead up on your car’s paint, therefore water will slide off very easily.

This may even bring dirt along with it, therefore rain will knock more dirt off your car than normal.

wet car

Some spray waxes may even be applied to windows, which can be extremely useful.

Any rainwater on the glass will instantly slide off when you start driving. This makes it much easier to see out of the windows.

Additionally, a car with many small beads of water covering the surface can look pretty cool, as you can see in the picture.

Keeps Your Car Clean Longer

Waxing your car also has other effects on your washing process.

After applying wax, you may notice yourself washing less frequently.

This may be due to less dirt and particles sticking to your car’s paint.

new clean mercedes

Car wax makes it more difficult for dirt to stick to your car’s paint because of the smooth, protective surface. Without wax, dirt is more likely to attach to your rough clear coat.

Since dirt is less likely to stick to your car, it will take longer for it to accumulate on your car. Therefore, you will find yourself washing your car less often.

Additionally, any dirt that DOES accumulate on your paint could rinse off easier. This means that even rainwater could potentially clean dirt off your car.

All of these factors result in less frequent washing of your car, which is a huge benefit of waxing your car.

Adds Another Protective Layer to Your Paint

Waxing your car adds another layer of protection to your car’s paint.

The colored paint layer of your car is protected with clear coat, which is a hard, transparent layer that sits on top of all paint layers.

Although clear coat helps protect your paint, it can become damaged very easily by scratching, chipping, and fading.

clean car fender

By waxing your car, you add a layer of protection to an existing layer of protection (the clear coat). This results in maximum protection against paint damage.

Having ultimate paint protection is extremely important, as paint imperfections will easily ruin the look of an otherwise perfect car.

Additionally, deep paint chips and scratches can cause irreparable damage, such as rust.

Having the best paint protection is extremely important and another one of the benefits of waxing your car.

Protects Against Sun Damage

You may have noticed cars on the road with faded paint spots that make the car look horrible.

This is most commonly caused by sun damage to the clear coat layer of the car’s paint.

Over time, ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the paint, causing it to fade.

car with faded paint

Car wax helps to fight this by forming a protective layer that helps prevent the ultraviolet rays from reaching your car’s paint.

Wax can be easily removed and re-applied, while re-painting your car is not such an easy (and cheap) process. Therefore, it is a smart decision to protect your car’s paint before it is too late.

Waxing your car often can help prevent sun damage, which is one of the biggest long-term benefits of using car wax.

Keeps Your Car Looking New

Over time, your car’s paint is exposed to many different weather conditions and situations. Many of these situations cause damage to your car.

Car wax can help prevent a lot of this damage, such as minor scratches and sun damage.

clean mercedes

Waxing your car regularly will keep your car looking brand new for a very long time by keeping the paint protected.

Using car wax to keep your car looking new can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • It will help boost resale value, as it will be clear that the car was well-maintained and taken care of.
  • It will also be more enjoyable to drive around, even though the car may be many years old.

Car wax keeps a car looking brand new throughout its lifetime, which is one of the many reasons it is beneficial to wax your car often.

Helps Mask Imperfections

Waxing your car also helps hide imperfections in the paint.

This is mostly true for clear coat paint damage, as this is the outermost layer of your car.

Imperfections, such as scratches are extremely common on cars.

They cannot be avoided entirely, as they can happen for many different reasons, such as improper washing or opening your car door with your keys in your hand.

These very light types of imperfections may become invisible after waxing your car because it fills in cracks in your paint.

This results in the scratches becoming temporarily repaired by the wax. Although, it is important to fix light scratches permanently.

clean rear car door

How Often Should You Wax Your Car

Overall, waxing your car can provide many great benefits. It can save you time, money, and embarrassment from driving around in a terrible-looking car.

Although some people may not have time to wax their car regularly, it should be done at least 2 times a year for minimum protection.

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If you don’t have much time to wax, I recommend using  Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry to add a bit of extra protection during your washes (it will also save you time!). You can read my review of the product by clicking here.

How Long Does Wax Last On A Car?

A typical DIY wax job should last you between 2 weeks and up to 6 months before you have to strip the wax off, wash off all the dirt and debris, and reapply again.

Of course, there are other variable factors including the frequency of using your vehicle, type and brand of wax used and is the waxing process done properly.

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