Does Autozone Replace Headlights

Does Autozone Replace Headlights

AutoZone is a major retailer of auto components and a major distributor of car accessories and replacement parts for vehicles. It’s usually the best place to buy a replacement headlight lamp. Will Autozone replace the headlights for you though?

If you buy the headlight lamp in an Autozone store, they will gladly change it and not charge for the labor. However, if the car brand and model require too much assembly, they won’t change the headlights. In some cases, they will charge for the replacement labor.

In the United States, AutoZone has approximately 5,000 outlet stores. AutoZone has concentrated on opening other new stores outside of the United States of America in more recent times. They are progressing quickly and are making getting and replacing auto components quite convenient.

New and remanufactured accessories, automotive hard parts, and maintenance items are among the products available for purchase in stores or even online. These AutoZone stores have a diverse assortment of stocks for cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

In extension to that, they will offer to replace and install the component if it’s simple enough. They won’t do major repairs though. They will just help out someone who doesn’t know how to change the component. Or, someone that does not have the required tools.

Here’s a complete guide on changing headlights. We’ll also look at what Autozone can do for you when you are in need of retail car components.

Stay with us through this article and for sure you will find the useful information you were looking for.

What Is The Best Time To Replace Headlights

What Is The Best Time To Replace Headlights


Even if headlights aren’t quite burnt out yet, noticing that your lights aren’t as bright may be a good enough reason to get them replaced.

Most times, only the bulb needs to be replaced. This is the case as long as the headlight fixture is clean, clear, and has no cracks or moisture within.

Replacing lights before they burn out is your best bet for avoiding driving without one or both headlights. However, if one or both headlights are already burnt out, then you shouldn’t drive at night until they are replaced.

We would recommend not driving during the day as well as a precaution so you have the safest commute possible.

The Importance Of Working Headlights

The Importance Of Working Headlights

If you have one headlight that has burnt out and is not replaced in time, you run the risk of both headlights being burnt out, putting you at an even greater risk of getting into an accident.

Not to mention, it is a traffic violation to drive without headlights and this is easily avoided by simply addressing the problem. You should replace your non-working headlights as soon as possible if you don’t want to have any problems with the police or with your safety for that matter.

Areas that have dark days and not much sunlight hours require working headlights during the day as well. A working headlight is the most important thing when driving a car. Traffic works as long as we have headlights.

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Does AutoZone Charge For Replacing Headlights

Does AutoZone Charge For Replacing Headlights

If you buy the headlights from AutoZone, the employees might replace them for you for free, depending on your needs.

However, this service might not be available at every one of the AutoZone stores. If there is no one present at the store that knows how to change the headlights on most car brands, they won’t replace them. [Source]

AutoZone stores that replace headlights usually won’t charge for the labor. However, some car brands and models require thorough assembly of the headlight. For these cars, they may charge or even refuse to replace the lamps.

Some stores have different policies as well. These stores may have a policy to not do free labor for customers. So, if you walk into one of those stores, they will charge for the labor as well as the lamp.

Can You Replace The Headlights At Home By Yourself

Can You Replace The Headlights At Home By Yourself

Now that AutoZone will not always replace your headlights for you, you can replace them at home yourself if you have the proper knowledge and the tools needed for this job.

Most LED and HID bulbs are held into place by thin wire clips, making them easy to replace on your own and without professional help.

Additionally, you can easily swap light bulbs within a few minutes without too much struggle. You only need to ensure that you are using the correct light bulb.

If you’re unsure which light bulb to use on your vehicle, you can double-check the owner’s manual or consult with AutoZone staff in person, over the phone, or even online for your convenience

If this doesn’t help, you can also check the AutoZone website for tips to change headlights. This detailed information highlights all the tools you need and the step-by-step installation process, which you will find very helpful.

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Closing Thoughts

You might be shocked to learn how many free maintenance services are offered. This knowledge will come in helpful the next time you encounter a problem with your automobile and do not know how to solve it on your own or are too scared to meddle in the automobile business.

Autozone is always prepared to assist you in obtaining the parts you require, and they are more than happy to provide you with full instructions on how to complete the task by yourself.

If you actually need some physical maintenance done on your car, though, a mechanic is your best option.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

What Does AutoZone Do For Free

AutoZone will test your auto parts for free. They can check the car battery, alternator, starter motor, and voltage regulator while they are still on your car. They can also perform a full auto-start and charging system test. You can also bring the alternator, starter motor, or battery to them and they will test it for you.

Is It Easy To Change Car Headlights

Fortunately, changing your headlights is oftentimes easy. They can be quickly removed from behind the headlight housing, disconnected from the cables, and replaced with a working light bulb. However, to replace the headlights, you must first determine what type of light bulb you will need. The first point of contact is the instruction manual for your specific type of car.

Can You Replace Just The Headlight Bulb On A Car

Most of the time, only the headlight bulb needs to be replaced. The thing about AutoZone is that you can definitely go to them to pick up a replacement headlight bulb. In most modern models, the light bulb can be located and replaced by lifting the hood and finding the lens housing.

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