How To Reset A Ford Instrument Cluster

How To Reset A Ford Instrument Cluster

Last Updated on April 21, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

Think of getting into your Ford car for a long day at work, only to see the indicators and meters going wild on the dash behind the steering wheel. It’s likely that the instrument cluster needs to be reset. How to reset a ford instrument cluster?

To reset a Ford instrument cluster, you need to locate the reset button. Push and hold the button while turning the ignition key without turning on the car.  

Although this may sound kind of easy, that’s not the case. You may have to connect your car to computer software so you can program it there.

Resetting an instrument cluster on a car can be complicated. It really depends on the car’s model. That’s why this is usually done by a professional.

Here’s everything you need to know about resetting an instrument cluster on a Ford car.

Resetting A Ford Instrument Cluster

Resetting A Ford Instrument Cluster

If you are getting flashing unexplained gauges on your dashboard, chances are you can fix this by resetting the ford instrument cluster.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. If the following guide doesn’t work for you, you have to try additional methods.

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Locate The Reset Button

Locate The Reset Button

The first thing you need to do is find where the reset button is on your car. Each Ford model has a differently designed dashboard. So, the reset button doesn’t have a universal position for every Ford car.

Most cars, no matter the brand, have their reset buttons on the dashboard glass. It’s located on the right side of the dashboard.

That’s the case with Ford cars as well. The reset button should be on the dashboard, on the far right side. This may differ for some Ford models but it should be nearby the dashboard. [Source]

If you are having trouble finding the button, consult the car’s manual. The manual should have the location of the reset button.

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Press & Hold

Press & Hold

After you find where the reset button is you can move on to the resetting. Start by pressing the button but do not let go of it.

You need to push and then hold the button. You will have to hold it for quite a while, it’s not like a reset button on your smartphone.

While you are holding the reset button, insert the key of the car. And slowly turn into the ignition.

Keep in mind, that you don’t need to start or rev your car here. You just need to turn your car key into the ignition but not all the way.

Wait For The Reset

While holding the button and turning the key, you will notice that the dashboard signals on your car are clearing out.

All of the dashboard signals that were going wild will disappear. You will get signals that your instrument is resetting.

That’s how you know that the resetting is successful when you see the cluster on the instrument disappearing. This is followed by the clock being set to 00:00 or “resetting” on the dashboard if it’s a newer Ford model.

Check The Dashboard

Check The Dashboard

If the resetting worked, everything should be as it is after the cluster disappears. You should be only seeing signals on the dashboard that have their place there. Or, signals that were on the dashboard before the cluster happened.

However, if the issue is complicated, the cluster will disappear but your dashboard will still be bugged out. If that happens, there may be a problem with your instrument.

Test Your Car

The instrument, normally, should not show errors that shouldn’t be there. So, something must have triggered the cluster. It may be just a basic issue and the restart is enough.

Check if your car is running properly. If you notice anything weird with the instrument in the following days, you need to take it to a professional.

Let a professional check if there’s anything wrong with a sensor or the instrument itself.

Should I Change My Car’s Instrument

Should I Change My Car's Instrument

All of this begs the question: Should I change my car’s instrument? Does it need repairs?

This is not something you can figure out on your own. Ask for a professional’s opinion. I recommend visiting someone who is experienced in changing Ford instruments.

Chances are, the instrument can be fixed. So, you don’t have to pay for a component and assembly.

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Car instrument clusters are more common than you think. Modern cars depend on a big amount of sensors.

When you have the hand brake applied, there is a signal on the dashboard. When you don’t have the seatbelt on you have both a visual and audio alert.

There are a lot more sensors that are crucial for the proper functioning of the car.

So, errors are expected to happen. A cluster doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something serious going on with your car. Most of the time, a bad sensor triggers the cluster.

Most professionals can now program the instrument and remove the errors.

Although not recommended, some car owners don’t replace the sensor, just have a professional remove the error. This usually happens when the sensor is not really necessary for the car’s performance.

If you are having a problem with your car’s instrument, I highly recommend taking it to a professional.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Why Is My Instrument Cluster Not Working

If the instrument cluster is not showing any signals, most likely, it doesn’t have any power. The battery may be dead or the connection to the instrument is disrupted.

How Do I Reprogram My Instrument Cluster

Some modern cars have a touch screen smart computer that allows them to reprogram the instrument cluster with just a touch. Other cars require a connection to a computer to reprogram the instrument. This should be done by a professional.

Do You Have To Reprogram An Instrument Cluster

Reprogramming an instrument cluster is not always necessary. If the errors can be fixed without resetting the instrument cluster, reprogramming is not necessary. Professionals usually reprogram instrument clusters to find out what’s wrong with the car.

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