3 Best Car Battery Tester(Buying Guide) 2022

3 Best Car Battery Tester(Buying Guide) 2022

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

A car battery tester is a handy device every car owner should have. With it, you can analyze the status of the battery and how fast it’s charging. Not to mention, in cold temperatures regularly checking the battery is crucial.

We’ve compiled a list of the 3 best car battery testers you can order online. These products can reliably test car batteries. Including additional car battery analysis features with a car voltage chart and instructions on how to test, but to do so accurately it’s important to understand the different levels of car battery voltage.

If you are interested in buying a car battery tester, check out these 3 best products.

Best Car Battery Tester Comparison Table

Product FeaturesCheck Out The Price
- 24 V & 12 V
- Digital Analyzer
- Cranking Test
- Charging Test
TOPDON Car Battery Tester
- In-Depth Analysis
- Alternator Tester
- 99.5% Accuracy
- Plug & Play
KONWEI KW208 Car Battery Tester
- 2000 CCA
- 3 Testing Functions
- Wide Application
- Resistance Test
TOPDON BT-100 12 V Load Tester

Best Overall

TOPDON Car Battery Tester

Highlighted Features

  • 24 V & 12 V
  • Digital Analyzer
  • Cranking Test
  • Charging Test
  • Eye-friendly Screen

TOPDON offers the best car battery tester that even pros prefer. A versatile battery tester that can be used on all types of batteries. Suitable for testing 12 V car batteries and 24 V batteries. This includes car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, SUV, and boat batteries.

A digital tester that offers in-depth analysis. It tests the resting charge of the battery and the cranking amps. Informs with messages on the screen whether the status is okay and whether there are enough cranking amps.

Able to test the alternator as well. It tests the charging status of the battery when the engine is running. Again, there are alerts on the screen that tell the voltage and whether to replace the battery. To replace your battery, take a visit to your local AutoZone as they will replace it for free.

Unlike most car battery testers, the screen of the TOPDON is easily readable in direct sunlight. An eye-friendly big screen that everyone can read. A user-friendly device that makes testing car batteries easy even without beforehand knowledge.

This is our top recommendation on this list. It’s as simple as connecting the clamps and reading the message. No need to know the voltage chart. Easy settings for 12 V and 24 V automotive batteries. It’s a bit expensive for a car tester but quite worth it. I recommend it to everyone that’s willing to pay this much for the best tester.


  • Analyzes cranking and charging.
  • User-friendly readings: “Replace” and “Good”.
  • 12-Month warranty.


  • Too expensive.

Best Budget

KONWEI KW208 Car Battery Tester

Highlighted Features

  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Alternator Tester
  • 99.5% Accuracy
  • Plug & Play
  • 100-2000 CCA

Now, a budget option, the KW208 car battery tester. A product from the KONWEI store. An effective, and accurate car voltage measurer. Offers cranking and charging test, also, in-depth car battery analysis. All that at a really reasonable price that every car owner can afford.

A versatile multimeter that can be used on all 12 V batteries. Suitable for measuring the voltage on car, ATV, motorcycle, and boat batteries. It can also be used on trucks that use two 12 V batteries instead of one 24 V battery.

Measures the status of the battery with 99.5% accuracy, enabled by the powerful STM-32 chip. Performs the usual battery, cranking, and charging test. But also checks the status of the internal resistance, battery health, and the ampere-hour capacity of the battery.

It can only test batteries that have maximum cold-cranking amps of 2000. An easy-to-use device that can change between 8 languages. It reads the voltage in readable numbers but also offers alert messages that advise the user. Testing is easy as plugging the clamps and reading the screen.

Although this is our affordable recommendation, you can see that it’s a good one that’s better than most average car battery testers. I highly recommend getting this if you want a reasonable price and a reliable product.


  • Tests internal resistance and AH capacity.
  • Great accuracy. 
  • Easy to use.


  • Only for 12 V batteries.
  • Tests 2000 CCA maximum.

Best Runner-Up

TOPDON BT-100 12 V Load Tester

Highlighted Features

  • Entry-Level Tester
  • 2000 CCA
  • 3 Testing Functions
  • Wide Application
  • Resistance Test

Our second-best recommendation comes from TOPDON again, the BT-100 12 V car battery tester. Another high-quality tester that offers a wide analysis of everything you should know about your car battery. This product is not as expensive as the first one, so maybe this will interest more people.

An entry-level car battery tester. Professional-grade equipment but suitable but at-home usage. The first TOPDON product was built specifically for professionals, hence the price difference. Again, the tester has a wide application, suitable for car, ATV, motorcycle, and boat batteries. All types of 12 V batteries.

The BT-100 can perform all kinds of tests on a car battery. All the needed information, state of health, charging test, ripple analysis, data storage, resistance test, load test, voltage test, cranking test, and state of charge. Users are able to perform all these tests easily using one button.

It can be used on batteries with maximum cold-cranking amps of 2000. The testing is mainly menu-driven, so no before-hand knowledge is needed. Easy to battery tester with a 3-color LED screen. Small and compatible design that you can store in your car without effort.

This was the last item on the list. A really good option that I recommend to everyone that wants the absolute best professional-grade car battery test. Not expensive but not exactly cheap too. If the best overall was too expensive for you, you will definitely like this.


  • Entry-level high-quality 12 V load tester.
  • Suitable for a wide application.
  • Performs multiple tests.


  • Only for 12 V batteries.
  • The screen is hard to read in direct sunlight.

Best Car Battery Tester – Buying Guide

As expected, some of you are not familiar with car battery testers. You just heard about it, and you want the device for regular car battery maintenance. Well, I commend you on your decision. Here is a buying guide on what to look for in car battery tester products.

This guide will also help you if you are going to buy the multimeter from your local store instead of ordering online.

12 V Battery Tester

The most important thing to keep an eye on is what load the battery tester is for. All car batteries are 12 V, so you will need a multimeter for 12 V load testing. Fortunately, if you search for a car battery tester, all the offers are for 12 V batteries.

Just be sure, see if the tester is actually for 12 V loads. Some battery testers are for 24 V batteries that trucks and vans use. Ideally, you want something that can test both 24 V and 12 V batteries. This is optional though.

If you have a 24 V battery that you want to test, then it may come in handy to get a tester that can be used on both. Otherwise, you should stick to the 12 V battery tester.

Cranking & Charging Test

Most car battery tests perform the three basic analyses for a car battery. The state of health test, the cranking amps test, and the charging test. These readings will tell you whether the capacity of the battery has deteriorated. Whether the battery can provide enough cranking amps. And, whether the battery is charging properly.

Generally, these three tests will tell you about the overall health of the battery. If the battery has good readings with the engine turned off, the cranking amps are okay. Which most of the time is a good sign. If the battery has good readings while it’s charging, then your alternator is doing okay.

Additional readings are useful when these three tests have bad results. These readings will most likely tell you what’s wrong with the battery. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Some people just want the basic three tests, some people prefer additional readings.

In-Depth Analysis

Now, the most basic multimeter will just show the number of voltages and nothing else. So, you are left to yourself to find out what that means. If you are experienced, you can understand what the multimeter is telling you. We can agree though, that a multimeter that tells you what the readings actually mean is better.

That’s why I recommend getting a digital multimeter that does in-depth analysis. This includes state of health, charging test, ripple analysis, data storage, resistance test, cranking test, load test, state of charge, and voltage test readings. This helps a lot if you have a 12 V battery that requires regular maintenance(like motorcycle batteries), especially during the winter.

In addition to this, something that gives clear and understandable alerts to what is going on is much preferred. This is useful for beginners that don’t really know voltage chart readings, and what’s going on. Finding out these things takes some time and research, so if it’s ready on-hand, it’s much better.


The average multimeter is known to die after some time. Mostly because these things are not stored properly by the users. Either way, that means that you will have to buy the product again. This is the case with most off-brand multimeters.

However, something with a warranty is a really good sign. That means the brand trusts its product enough, so you should too.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

How Do You Check If A Car Battery Is Good

The easiest way to check your battery is with a multimeter. With this device, you can test the status of the battery and how it’s charging. There are other tests you can do without a multimeter. Try checking if the headlights are dimmed. A car that’s struggling to start may have a battery with weak cranking amps.

How Accurate Are Car Battery Testers

Car battery testers measure the car battery voltage with high accuracy. Newer battery testers have better chips so they can measure with up to 100% accuracy. Older multimeters may be less accurate because but still are relatively accurate.

Does AutoZone Check Batteries For Free

Yes, AutoZone will perform a test on your battery for free. They offer a simple car battery voltage reading. The reasoning behind is that they expect the customer to buy a battery if the reading is bad.

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