How To Change Car Color

How To Change Car Color

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Thinking about changing your car color? Changing the color can make your car exceptional. Don’t rush this though, you need to do this properly. How to change car color?

Repainting a car first needs to be prepared by removing the old paint, evening, repairing, and conditioning the surface. Then, the new color is added to the body of the car. Changing car colors requires paint removal and surface restoration. 

To be honest, repainting a car is not always a good idea. It certainly makes sense to repaint a car sometimes. Often, car owners repaint a car that they shouldn’t.

Here is everything you need to know about repainting a car. Read this guide thoroughly so you can decide whether changing car colors is worth it.

Repainting A Car – Is It Worth It

Repainting A Car - Is It Worth It

Although changing car colors can look like a good idea at first, when you consider the cost, things may not look good.

Repainting a car will not improve or change the performance of your vehicle in any way. Nor there is any specific advantage to it. You do it because you want a specific car color.

It’s true that changing colors sometimes maybe a beneficial thing. Since it’s so expensive though, most people see it as losing money.

We have to admit that a specific color can make a car a lot cooler. If you love how your car looks, driving it is such a pleasure. So, if it makes sense, financially, you should definitely do it.

Things To Know

Things To Know

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Here are the things you need to consider before repainting a car.

Not every car is worth repairing. A car with a lot of rust will be too expensive to repair. Repainting a car with damaged paint costs a lot more. 

This is why most car detailers don’t recommend repainting a car, especially if it’s old. Repainting a car that has an even surface, and no rusting is a lot cheaper and easier. Most importantly, the new paint job will be more efficient.

However, if the current paint job is in good condition, repainting can be a good idea.

Changing a car’s color is very expensive. DIY repainting is a bit cheaper but it’s exhausting. I don’t recommend DIY car repainting. 

Depending on what kind of restoration the car needs, repainting a car costs around $1000-$4500. The costs depend on the quality of the paint and the labor done.

It’s important to note here that changing car color rarely costs $1000. The cost is usually a lot more because repainting requires hard labor.

This is definitely something to consider. You shouldn’t spend money on repainting a car that you are going to sell after a few years. If you are investing this in a car that you, and you don’t care about the resell value, it’s a good idea.

Changing car color requires a lot of prepping. The prepping is what costs the most. The more prepping your car requires, the more it will cost.

The most basic thing any car will need is cutting which is removing the old paint. Then, the car goes through a sanding process where the surface is smoothened out.

Here is where professionals estimate how much restoration the surface will need. A car with rust spots can’t be repainted. So, the professional will need to do some rust restoration. [Source]

If there are any dents to the body, that will need to be restored too. A car is painted on a smooth and even surface.

Before adding the new paint, primer is added to the surface. The primer will make the new paint stick better. It smoothens up the surface perfectly. In the end, the new paint is required.

Spraying a car with paint should be done without the car’s interior. The car’s interior should be removed.

This is something that most car owners have a problem with. When repainting a car, the entire interior is removed and then reinstalled. The interior can get stained from the new paint.

Although this may seem like nothing significant, it changes things a lot. A lot of interior parts get damaged when removing the interior. Also, some parts should stay intact.

And, removing the car interior just means more labor which also increases the cost.

When changing car colors, you need to change some information on the registration as well. 

Car registrations have the car color’s information listed. This helps the law identify your car easily. This doesn’t cost a lot, and it’s easy to do. You will just need time which some people never have.

If you don’t change the registration, you can be fined if stopped by the law.



Once you consider all of these things, you should be able to make the right decision. In my opinion, if you want your car to have a specific color, do it. As long as it makes sense financially.

If you are going to be using money that you don’t have on repainting a car, I don’t recommend doing this.

Find a good professional that will guarantee a job well done. If the repainting is done correctly, and your car doesn’t need much body restoration, changing car color is worth it.

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Can I Spray Paint A Car By Myself

Can I Spray Paint A Car By Myself

Now, I know that some car owners will desperately try to decrease the cost of respraying a car. This is a bad idea. DIY car spray painting never has good results.

Spray painting a car requires a skilled professional. The prepping process also requires experience with car detailing. That’s why it makes more sense to visit a professional.

In fact, you will end up losing more money with DIY spray painting, that is, if you don’t know what you are doing.

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Related Questions And Other FAQs

How Can I Change The Color Of My Car

Pick a car color and shade you like, get the sample approved by your registration provider, and go to a professional. Once you make sure the color you want is legal, the professional will take care of the rest.

Can I Paint My Car Any Color

Yes, you can paint a car any color you want. You need to make sure the state you live in allows that car color.

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