How To Create A Water Filter For Car Washing

How To Create A Water Filter For Car Washing

Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

Is the water at your house hard and rich in calcium and magnesium? Is it ruining a lot of household appliances? If so, you may be afraid to wash your car with it. Understandably so, hard water can leave nasty water spots.

You can still wash your car at home though. You don’t have to visit a car wash. All you need to do is create a water filtering system, a vital part of a homemade car wash soap strategy. Here’s a guide on how to create a water filter for car washing.

To create a water filtering system for car washing, you will need to buy a water filter. Connect the filter to the valve of the incoming water. Lastly, connect the garden hose to the water filter. 

This is really a simple thing to do. All you need to do is buy a water filter, so let’s expand on that a bit.

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Is It Okay To Wash Car With Hard Water

Is It Okay To Wash Car With Hard Water

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I believe you figured this out on your own, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. I still want to cover this, in case, anyone decides that installing a filter is too exhausting.

Hard water contains a lot of solids like calcium and magnesium. You can’t really see these solids in the water. You see them once the water evaporates because they leave a mark.

So, when you are washing your car with hard water, it will leave white spots residue on the paint once the water evaporates. Those white spots are actually calcium and magnesium. You may notice this on other appliances in your home.

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Is It Better To Wash Car With Soft Water

Does this mean that you won’t have this problem if you have soft water at your house? Not necessarily, soft water contains sodium. When soft water evaporates, it can still leave water marks.

During hot weather, no matter if you have soft or hard water, you will have water spots. For a spotless car wash, you need water filtration so those solids can be removed.

So, do not rely on the softness of the water, the purest water is filtered fresh water.

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Creating A Water Filter For Car Washing

Unfortunately, you have to go with a dedicated water filter. The water filters you can make at home only work for purifying drinking water, a glass or two. For car washing, you can’t make something this complex at home.

  1. Get a water filter for the outdoor water valve.
    The first thing you need to do is get a car wash water filter. There are plenty available online, you don’t have to visit any stores. You have two options here. You can buy a water filter that’s installed directly to the valve. Or, you can buy a water filtration system that you can move around. This is connected to the valve with a garden hose. Both work just fine, whatever solves your water issues.
  2. Install the filter. 
    The filter has 2 connection types. One goes directly to the filter. The other is for the garden hose. If you buy a water filtration system you connect both sides with a garden hose. Watch the video I will leave behind for better visualization.
  3. Start washing your car. 
    That’s it, now your water is being cleared from any solids. You can get a spotless car wash now.

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What Is The Best Car Wash Water Filter

Now that we got out of this way, you may need some help with choosing a water filter. These are just my recommendations, feel free to browse online for something more suitable for you. Here’s hope you can find a special offer.

    • PureSpring Inline Car Wash Water Filter

      One of the best water filters on the market right now. I like it because of its simplicity. Originally, a water filter for RVs. But it’s marketized for car washing too. It filtrates particles in contaminants quickly without losing pressure. It also improves the taste of water, better water quality for drinking.
    • Aqua Crest Inline Water Filter

      Another high-quality water filter specifically for outdoor faucets. Designed for car washing water treatment. Simple to connect, filtrates water from sodium, calcium, magnesium without losing water pressure. You can connect this one however you want, either on the valve or the garden hose. It comes with instructions, so don’t worry about installation.
    • WaterSentinel Spotless Car Wash

      Lastly, we have the WaterSentinel. It works just as same as the other products. Heavy-duty design and made in the USA. It reduces calcium, dust, sand, and silt. No-clog protection too. Multiple stages of filtration instead of single filtration.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Do Car Washes Use Filtered Water

It depends on the car wash place you visit. Most high-quality car wash places use filtered water. This is not always the case though. Some car washes use dirty water. Be sure to ask the worker if the water is filtered.

How Do I Prevent Water Spots On My Car After Washing

A lot of things can cause water spots. Direct sunlight, hard water, bad microfiber cloths. To avoid water spots wash your car in a shade, use filtered water, use drying aid solution, and use clean drying microfiber towels.

Are Water Spots Permanent

Water spots on car paint are really hard to remove, but they are not permanent. It depends on the situation, if you treat the spots early, there will be no serious damage. If the water spots cause paint etching, you are going to need to go to a professional detailer.

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