How To Create Shade For Washing Your Car

How To Create Shade For Washing Your Car

Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

Car owners that have a house facing South have a hard time finding a shade to wash their car in. Are you tired of waking up early or waiting all day just to wash your car? I know this is a common issue, so I thought I would give you some ideas.

Here are some tips and tricks for creating a shade to wash your car in during the hot weather.

  • Buy a portable garage carport.
  • Create a tent over the entrance of your garage.
  • Go to a self-service car wash that has tents.
  • Create a tent over your yard parking spot.
  • Invest in a car canopy.
  • Buy a portable garage carport.
  • Wash your car in the morning or after sunset.

Those are the solutions I have to offer, you can’t really place a cover all over your yard. Let’s expand a bit.

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Is It Okay To Wash A Car In Direct Sunlight

Is It Okay To Wash A Car In Direct Sunlight

Now, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you shouldn’t wash your car in direct sunlight during hot weather. I think most of you know this already, I just wanted to clear things up.

During those sunny summer days, the weather can get especially hot. Not only that but the sun is quite strong too. How does this affect the car though?

Well, because it’s so hot, residue from the soapy water can dry completely before you can rinse it. Even if you are quick to rinse, the mixture of dish soaps and rinse water will also dry off. This leaves water spots and swirl marks on the paint job. Water spots are really hard to remove.

Don’t think that you can avoid this if you work fast in direct sunlight. I can’t stress enough how many people got water spots not following this advice.

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How To Find Shade For Washing Car In Hot Weather

How To Find Shade For Washing Car In Hot Weather

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This is the part people have trouble with, finding a shade. Ideally, everyone would like to wash the car in their yard. But some houses do not have shade during the day.

So, how do you wash your car in a house like that? Here are some ideas.

  • Get a portable carport.
    This is a product that is available online. It’s an easy solution for creating a shade. It costs somewhere around 200$-300. It’s basically a portable tent for your car. There are plenty of choices you can find on Amazon.
  • Wash the car in the morning or after sunset. 
    I know that this is the most common answer but it’s true. Without any effort, you are avoiding direct sunlight. The thing is, some people are not free during those hours, or they don’t want to wait. Which is understandable. If so, look at the alternatives. But if you have the time to wake up early or wait for the sun to set, by all means, do that.
  • Create a tent over the entrance of the garage.

    If you have a garage, you can just build a tent over the entrance. This is easy enough to do. You will need a tarp cover and metal holders that you will connect to the top of the entrance. I agree, this may not add a nice look to the house. But it’s a solution. Of course, you can get creative and improvise. Do your research, there are plenty of tips for building online. If you are handy, maybe you can build a tent that can be removed when not in use.
  • Create a tent over your parking spot. 
    Those without a garage can build a tent over their yard parking spot. Of course, I’m assuming that the parking spot is near something you can extend the tent from. If the parking spot is out in the open, you can’t really do this.
  • Invest in a car canopy. 
    Another option is to build a canopy in your yard. These actually look quite nice with the house. It’s an improvement to your house that will also keep your cars safe from tree sap and bird droppings. If the financial situation allows it, this is by far the best option. It protects the car but it also allows you to wash it in direct sunlight.
  • Go to a self-service car wash. 
    Lastly, if none of these options are available to you, go to a self-service car wash with a shade tent. You can still use the cleaning supplies you bought. You will be paying for the cleaning services though.

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Cleaning Tips For Washing Car In Hot Weather

  • Use a power washer.
    Besides washing under a shade, you still have to be quick with rinsing. Hot temperatures alone can evaporate the water, even without direct sunlight. So, it’s best to have a powerful rinser. A water hose is not strong enough.
  • Wash section by section. 
    The thing is, while you are washing rinsing the hood, the roof may dry off. So, if you wash and rinse section by section, you can avoid this.
  • Use a special car wash shampoo. 
    There are wash soaps that are designed to protect from water spots. A ph-neutral formula works best. Here is a product I recommend, Premium Car Wash Soap. You can also try using a waterless car wash solution, I recommend Adam’s Waterless Wash.
  • Use soft and clean water. 
    In case the water evaporates, it’s preferable if it’s clean. Clean water won’t cause that much damage. Dirty water will leave brake dust besides water spotting. You don’t have to use warm water, it evaporates faster. Try using a water softener too.
  • Don’t add wax coat in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t do detailing in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t dry your car in a closed garage. 
    It’s not a good idea to wash your car in a closed garage, moisture will build up and you will get mold.
  • Add Car Wash Drying Aid. 
    You can use a specialized product to help with the drying process in order to avoid damage and spots.

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How To Remove Water Spots From Car

Now, if you already made the mistake of washing the car in direct sunlight, you probably have water marks. So, how do you remove them?

My advice is to take your car to a professional detailer, to avoid causing any further damage. Removing water spots is a complicated process. It’s best to go to an auto shop for deep cleaning.

Swirl marks and water marks are really hard to remove. You will need to use some strong solutions that may cause damage to the car. If there is anyone willing to try, follow the video below.

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