How To Remove Ceramic Coating Streaks

How To Remove Ceramic Coating Streaks: Guide & Warnings

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Did you try to add a ceramic coating to your car and ended up with some streaks and high spots? That’s more common than you think. Using a buffer is a skill that requires experience, so it’s normal for beginners to make some mistakes. Fortunately, you can fix or remove the ceramic coating streaks.

How to remove ceramic coating streaks and high spots depends on when you notice it. If the coating is fresh, you can remove the high spots using a microfiber towel. If you notice it after a few days, you will have to polish the entire panel using an electric buffer. Make sure you know how to use an electric buffer before any attempts are made.

I’m guessing you’ve done the polishing by yourself, so you have to fix the streaks yourself. However, if you paid a professional to do it, they should fix the mistakes for free. You’ve paid for an expensive service, the cost guarantees that the job will be done right.

Here is a guide on how to remove streaks on the ceramic coating. Follow this guide closely to avoid ruining the ceramic coating.

How To Fix High Spots On Ceramic Coating

How To Fix High Spots On Ceramic Coating

Removing ceramic coating streaks gets complicated when the coating is all dried up and hard, and requires significant preparation. The removal process really depends on how much time has passed since you applied the coating.

The thing is, the coating will be wet for a while after applying it. So, any high spots can easily be wiped away and polished if noticed soon enough. Even if a few hours have passed, you will still easily fix the mistakes in polishing.

So, how much time has passed since you’ve applied the coating? If you’ve just applied the coating, remove the streaks with a microfiber towel. If a few hours have passed, apply more coating and wipe with a microfiber towel. If a whole day or more has passed, fix it with an electric buffer.

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Fixing Streaks With A Microfiber Towel

Fixing Streaks With A Microfiber Towel

This only works as you are applying the coating. Generally, as you work with the buffer, you will get some streaks. If you are not skilled in working with a buffer, you will not apply the coating evenly.

As you are applying the coating, the streaks you notice can be fixed with a clean dry microfiber towel. Even professionals have a microfiber cloth nearby while buffing.

Just use the microfiber towel as a buffer, in circular motions, buff out the streaks. If this doesn’t work, that means that the coating has already dried too much.

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Alternative Method

Now, don’t give up. If the ceramic coating is fairly dry but only a few hours have passed, you can still fix this using a towel. You don’t have to jump straight to using a buffer.

After a few hours, you will not be able to buff it out only with a towel. You will have to apply more coating to the spot. And that’s all you have to do. Just apply more coating to the streak spots and wait for it to activate, 30 seconds should be enough.

Then, just repeat the step from above. Take a microfiber towel and start buffing the spots. This should be able to fix streaks that you notice a few hours after applying the coat.

If this doesn’t work though, you will have to go for the hardest option.

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Fixing Streaks With An Electric Buffer

Fixing Streaks With An Electric Buffer

Streaks on the ceramic coating show up because of bad buffering. This usually happens when the coating is unevenly spread. Or, when the buffer is not kept flat at all times.

So, before you start doing this, read up on how to use an electric buffer and how to polish a car. If you don’t do this properly, you will still get some streaks. Take your time researching, and practice on a surface that you don’t need.

What you need to do here is remove the ceramic coating on the entire panel affected by streaks. Even if there’s only one affected spot, you still have to remove the coating on the entire panel. If you just buff the streaks, it will be uneven with the rest of the panel.

After you remove the ceramic coating, you will have to reapply it on the panel. As you can see, this is a lot of work. Removing the coating is also a lot of work. We have a thorough guide on how to remove the ceramic coating, follow it closely.

Basically, you need to wash your car thoroughly, clay bar it, and then polish it.

I highly recommend practicing your polishing skills. You are bound to make a mistake again if you don’t do more research this time.

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Should I Visit A Professional

All of this begs the question: Should you visit a professional to fix the ceramic coating on your car? Well, this comes down to personal preference. Professional detailing can get quite expensive, so for some people, this is not really an option. However, sometimes maintenance is necessary to continue the ceramic coating’s benefits.

If your financial situation allows it, and you are really bad at car polishing, just pay a professional to do it. It will save you time and trouble. More so, your car will look better than before, and you will avoid scratching the paint.

However, if you feel like you are up for the job, despite your financial situation, by all means, do this by yourself. After all, at least you will learn how to polish and use a buffer.

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If you’re like me, and would prefer a visual learning process, I suggest you check out the instructional video below!

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Can You Buff Off Ceramic Coating

Yes, the only right way to fix or remove the ceramic coating is to buff it with an orbital buffer. Don’t use any chemicals to remove the ceramic coating.

Does Clay Bar Remove Ceramic Coating

No, clay baring alone won’t be able to remove the ceramic coating. Although clay bars will be able to lift off some of the ceramic coating, you will have to use a buffer to remove the entire ceramic coating.

Can You Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating

Yes, wax can be applied to cars with ceramic coating. Although there’s no need for waxing, nor do people recommend it, there is nothing wrong with applying wax over ceramic coating.

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