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Best Detail Spray For Ceramic Coated Cars: A Complete Review

Last Updated on September 20, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

Hey there car enthusiast! If you’re like most people who cherish their vehicles, you surely understand the importance of maintaining that brand-new car shine. This is where ceramic car spray coatings enter the picture!

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Initially used by luxury auto detailers, ceramic coatings have made their way to the DIY consumer market, transforming the car-care routine. With their splendid ability to seal and shield the clear coat of your car while providing a high-gloss shine and hydrophobic protection, these sprays are the game changer your car-care kit needs!

Ceramic coatings, primarily composed of silica (SiO2), have been around since the early 2000s, providing car owners with a superior layer of protection. These products offer multiple benefits, starting with a high-end look and increased longevity of your car’s exterior. Moreover, due to their hydrophobic nature, they ensure water, salt, and dirt roll right off your paint job, drastically reducing the frequency of car washes. So, not only will your car shine brilliantly, but it will also stay cleaner for longer.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at a lineup of superb ceramic coating sprays:

  • Torque Detail Ceramic Spray
  • EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating
  • Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide
  • Ceramic Coating Top Coat by SHINE ARMOR
  • the 4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray
  • 3D Ceramic Detailer from the GLW Series.

Hang on tight as we take a drive through the details of these fascinating products! After reading, you’ll be in a prime position to make an informed choice and pick the best ceramic coating spray to uphold your ride’s showroom shine. Let’s get to it!

List of The Best Detail Sprays for Ceramic Coated Cars

Torque Detail Easy-Apply Ceramic Coating Spray

torque ceramic detail spray product image

with Hydrophobic Protection & High-Gloss Shine

  • Time-efficient
  • Maintains car aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Versatile

The Torque Detail Ceramic Spray is a superior detailing product that has been crafted specially to augment the glamour and extend the lifespan of ceramic-coated cars. The primary use of this product is to offer a protective layer to your car’s surface, ensuring it is safeguarded against the elements and everyday wear and tear. This is achieved through its proprietary Silica formula (Nano SiO2) that seals and shields your car’s clear coat, acting as a resilient line of defense.

What makes this product stand out in the crowded market of car detailing products is its impressive efficiency. Applying a typical ceramic coating can cost you hours of careful application or even a hefty bill from a professional detailer. However, Torque Detail Ceramic Spray offers an effective solution for the busy car owner. Upon using this product, you’ll be surprised to find that maintaining your ceramic-coated car’s splendor takes only a few minutes.

This product doesn’t stop at practicality; it also factors in aesthetics. It’s designed to not just protect but also draw out your car’s clear coat, giving it a brilliant, glass-like shine. The product is highly hydrophobic, maintaining a squeaky-clean, shiny exterior even during rain and snow. The winning combination of style and functionality makes it an excellent choice for ceramic-coated car owners.

Torque Detail Ceramic Spray serves a dual purpose, going above and beyond simple aesthetic boosts. Every application protects and shields your car’s exterior surface, making it more resistant to the elements and physical wear and tear. The key feature of this product is its Ceramic-based SiO2 formula, which establishes a durable layer, akin to a glass sheet, over the car’s surface.

The formula is highly hydrophobic and keeps your car looking exceptionally clean and shiny even during harsh weather conditions. Moreover, one of this product’s significant selling points is its up to 12 months of protection as the dried SiO2 isn’t easily degraded by the elements.

In terms of overall quality, the Torque Detail Ceramic Spray scores highly. The SiO2-based formula doesn’t wash away, ensuring your vehicle’s surface retains its opulent shine over an extended period. This product can be used on a variety of surfaces, including car paint, windows, glass, rims, alloys & fiberglass.

While Torque Detail Ceramic Spray has a multitude of advantages, it’s important to also understand its limitations.

  • Time-efficient: Quick and easy to apply

  • Maintains car aesthetics: Yields a premium, glass-like shine

  • Durable: Offers long-term protection (up to 12 months), resisting degradation by the elements

  • Versatile: Works on multiple surfaces including, plastic, though for plastic, the recommended product is Plastic Restore.

  • Some users may feel the 8oz size is not enough for larger vehicles.

  • While the product is generally compatible with many surfaces, it may not be as effective on plastic as on other materials.

There you have it – a comprehensive review of Torque Detail Ceramic Spray, a perfect companion for ceramic-coated cars. Ultimately, the product offers an elegant solution for maintaining your car’s pristine condition while ensuring maximum protection against potential damage.

EGOFLEX Ceramic Car Coating

EGOFLEX Ceramic Car Coating product image

Paint Sealant Detail Spray

  • Simple usage
  • Protection longevity
  • Hydrophobic properties

When it comes to maintaining the shine and protection of your car, it can be tough to find a product that delivers excellent results without requiring too much time and effort on your part. EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating for Cars Paint Sealant Detailing Spray is designed to handle that problem. Primarily, this product is perfect for enhancing the shine of your car’s exterior surfaces while offering a protective layer that shields your car from harsh environmental conditions. Its quick-drying, 3-in-1 system is built to clean, shine, and protect your car’s exterior surfaces, other surfaces included.

What sets the EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating for Cars Paint Sealant Detailing Spray apart from its competition is its versatility and durability. Unlike conventional car waxes, the protection and durability offered by this ceramic coating spray go beyond the norm. It provides super hydrophobic protection and water beading, making your car cleaner for longer periods. The sweet fruity fragrance that accompanies this product during usage is an added bonus that elevates the entire car cleaning experience.

The EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating for Cars Paint Sealant Detailing Spray is intended to make car upkeep as simple as possible, and its host of functionalities reflect that. Its convenience on any surface, be it paint, glass, headlight, plastic trim, mirror, wheel, or tire, makes it a must-have for car maintenance across myriad platforms: Cars, SUVs, Motorcycles, RVs, Boats, or Yachts.

The spray is impressively easy to use; it’s as simple as spraying on, wiping and drying. Its key feature, however, lies in its high glass shine advanced polish cleaning UV protectant, which does not only offer impressive shine but also guarantees superior protection. The 8 fl oz / 237ml bottle is a well-thought-out detail, offering just enough content for effective application without weighing you down.

On the whole, the quality of the EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating for Cars Paint Sealant Detailing Spray speaks for itself. Its notoriety in delivering a shiny, glossy finish for your vehicle, while providing a protective, water-resistant layer that assures its shine and gloss last even under harsh environmental conditions, is testament enough to its quality. Not to forget, the incorporation of a sweet, fruity fragrance that leaves your car smelling fresh for a prolonged period.

As with every product, there are certainly pros and cons tied to the usage of this spray. On the pros side, the spray’s simplicity of use, the versatility that allows it to work on any surface, and its hydrophobic protection, make it score high points.

However, on the cons side, some users might find the fruity fragrance less appealing or too overpowering. Additionally, as an exterior spray, it might not cater to the needs of those wanting to clean and shine the car’s interior. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for maintaining your car’s external appearance, delivering on its promises without taking up too much of your time or effort.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide

Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide product image

Paint Sealant Detail Spray

  • Uses high-grade Si02
  • Fast and easy application
  • Long lasting effects

Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide is a professional-grade sealant designed to protect your vehicle’s surface. The application process is remarkably user-friendly and takes less time than most other products on the market. This versatile ceramic spray can be used on various types of vehicles, including cars, RVs, motorcycles, boats, and ATVs. The primary purpose of this product is to create a robust, impenetrable layer of protection on your vehicle’s surface, greatly reducing the chance of contaminants causing streaks, scratches, or other damage, all while yielding a deep, lustrous shine.

This ceramic coating spray for cars stands out from the crowd for many reasons. Firstly, it’s made with the highest grade of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) which dramatically reduces the ability of contaminants to degrade your vehicle’s paint and clear coat.

Another significant advantage of Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide is its simplicity of use. The three-step process involves spraying the ceramic detail spray onto your vehicle’s surface, wiping evenly with a microfiber towel, and then buffing out for an unbelievable shine.

Finally, the product is highly versatile, working effectively on various external solid surfaces, making it the perfect protective sealant for all your modes of transport.

The purpose of Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide is to provide superior protection for your vehicle against environmental contaminants. Its powerful hydrophobic formulation creates a glass-like surface that repels water, dirt, mud, salt, snow, pollen, smog, acid rain, water spots, bird droppings, bug guts, and general road grime.

The key features of this product are its easy application process, excellent versatility, and high-grade silicon dioxide formula for ultimate protection. Another standout feature is its quantity – one 16oz bottle is enough to coat a mid-size sedan 4-5 times, or a large truck 3-4 times, or a motorcycle up to 10 times.

When it comes to the overall quality of Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide, the product considerably outperforms many other competitor sprays on the market. The high-grade SiO2 used in the formulation provides an impenetrable layer of protection on the vehicle’s surface, ensuring an unmatched life-span for your vehicle’s delicate clear coat.

  • Fastest application: Only three simple steps to achieve a super protective, mirror-like shine.

  • Versatile: Works on various external surfaces on a wide range of vehicles.

  • Higher protection: High-grade SiO2 provides superior protection against environmental contaminants.

  • Exceptional Quantity: Enough product in one bottle to coat vehicles multiple times.

  • As with any protective sealant, Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide will need to be reapplied periodically to maintain its protective properties, depending on environmental conditions and how often your vehicle is used.

SHINE ARMOR Ceramic Car Coating

shine armor fortify ceramic spray product image

Waterless Wash & Wax

  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Fast application
  • Hydrophobic properties

The Shine Armor Ceramic Coating Top Coat for Cars is a high-performance 3-in-1 car detail spray specifically designed to clean, coat, and shine your ceramic-coated vehicle in one simple step. Unlike other traditional car detail products, this ceramic car wax eliminates the need for water, offering a waterless wash solution that effectively cuts through dirt, grime, and grease instantly. Safe for use on all surfaces, it’s your ideal one-stop-shop for your automobile, boat, motorbike, RV, or four-wheeler.

There is a lot to love about this versatile ceramic coating hydrophobic spray. Primarily, we are impressed with its powerful 3-in-1 action. It combines the benefits of a waterless wash, ceramic coating, and shine in a single product. The Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat demonstrates a unique blend of surfactants and SiO2 ceramic-coating science which makes it stand out. It showcases quick effectiveness against stubborn dirt, grime, and grease, transforming your vehicle into a polished, clean look within a matter of minutes.

Moreover, this product doubles as a sealer that applies a clear, protective shield on your vehicle while enhancing its gloss. We were also impressed by its hydrophobic properties, which is considered the best among car spray waxes available on the market today.

The main purpose of the Shine Armor Ceramic Coating Top Coat for Cars is to provide maximum protection and shine to your vehicle without causing any harm to the paint. It’s a waterless car wash, coat and shine solution that effectively eliminates the need for buckets, hoses, or sponge, saving you both time and water.

The most impressive feature is its advanced 3-in-1 formulation that ensures no streaking, smearing, or scratching. This spray wax boasts a superior formula that guarantees the best shine on all types of surfaces, be it automobiles, boats, or RVs.

The Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat offers a highly effective solution for car maintenance without compromising the vehicle’s paint job. The overall quality is visible in its capacity to eliminate dirt and grime, and its shield of protection which shines while guarding against further dirt.

This top coat spray embodies high-quality surfactants and SiO2 ceramic-coating science that provides a premium, streak-free finish. Undoubtedly, it’s deemed as one of the superior products in the realm of car waxes and sealants.

  • Easy application with a 3-in-1 waterless wash, coat and shine feature.

  • Safe for all surfaces, including automobiles, boats, motorbikes, RVs, etc.

  • Provides superior shine and protective coating.

  • Hydrophobic properties for optimal performance.

  • Although the product provides a waterless solution, it may not be ideal for extremely muddy or dirty vehicles.

  • Frequent application may be required for maintaining optimal shine and protection

4-in-1 Ceramic Coating Spray for Cars

4-in-1 waterless wash and ceramic top coat product image

Waterless Wash & Hydrophobic Top Coat

  • Fast application
  • Long lasting effects
  • 4-in-1 formula

The 4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray for Cars is primarily used to provide superior protection to your car’s exterior. Utilizing advanced nanotechnology, it quickly forms a durable and robust protective layer that effectively shields your vehicle against scratches, discoloration, wear and tear. Its super fast application ensures that your car’s paintwork is not only protected but also left in showroom condition with an impressive shine.

We are particularly drawn to this product because of its amazing protection feature, which significantly repels dirt, water, and UV radiation, keeping your car cleaner for longer periods. The ceramic coating spray is also remarkable for its versatility; it’s suitable for use on all exterior surfaces, including paint, plastic, rubber, and glass. Its efficiency reduces the frequency of car shampoo and wax requirements, setting it apart from standard car detailing products.

The Ceramic Coating Spray offers wide-ranging protection for your car’s surfaces, but it’s more than just a protective coating. One of its key features is the creation of a hydrophobic layer. This advanced coating technology dramatically reduces the build-up of water stains, weathering, dirt, and debris, leaving your car’s exterior flawless.

After application, you can also look forward to your car becoming almost maintenance-free. Its fast and easy application process coupled with its one-month lasting protection means you need to only use this Nano Car Wax Spray once a month to keep your car in prime condition.

The quality of the 4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray for Cars cannot be overstated. Its superior protective features, coupled with its ease of application and lasting effects, make this product an excellent choice for anyone looking to preserve and enhance their vehicle’s appearance. The spray uses high-quality components that assure safety for your car’s surfaces, all while delivering impressive results. It’s a must-have for all car owners seeking a top-notch, one-stop solution for vehicle care and protection.

Like any product, the Ceramic Coating Spray has its pros and cons.

  1. Easy and fast application with lasting effects

  2. Provides superior protection over standard wax solutions

  3. Versatile for use on all surfaces

  4. Impressive water, dirt, and UV repellent features

  5. Almost eliminates the need for frequent vehicle maintenance

  6. You may need to apply it in a well-ventilated area as its odor might be strong for some people.

  7. It may not provide the same level of protection compared to professional ceramic coating services.

Despite a few shortcomings, the 4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray for Cars is an exceptional product that delivers on its promise of providing superior protection and impressive shine for your vehicle’s exterior. It’s an optimal choice for those seeking an effective, long-lasting solution to keep their cars looking their best.

3D GLW Series Ceramic Detailer

3D GLW Series Ceramic Detail spray product image

with Hyper Gloss Finish

  • Hyper-gloss finish
  • Strong Si02 formula
  • Safe for all surfaces

The 3D Ceramic Detailer, part of the GLW Series, is designed to provide your vehicle with a hyper gloss finish and peak hydrophobic protection. Whether you’re looking to enhance the glow on your car’s exterior or extend the life of existing waxes, sealants, and coatings, this ceramic detailer does it all. Its powerful SiO2 polymers give it the ability to repel water extremely effectively, simplifying your detailing routine significantly.

We appreciate the 3D Ceramic Detailer for its multi-functional utility. Not only does it offer an impressive hyper gloss finish, but it also serves as a ceramic coating booster. This product stands out with its easy application – a quick spray and wipe-off process. Moreover, it’s safe to use on various surfaces like paint, glass, wheels, chrome, grills, and trim. Frankly speaking, this equals less worry for you when it comes to protecting your car’s numerous surfaces.

The 3D Ceramic Detailer boasts some impressive features under its belt. Let’s outline those to give you a clear picture:

The primary aim is to provide your car with an ultimate hyper gloss, deep shine finish. Once you spray it on, it’s guaranteed to turn heads due to its high-level sheen.

This detailer brings you the pinnacle of water-repellent effects. With SiO2 polymers, water beads up and slides off your car with little assistance, resulting in a clean, spotless exterior.

The product effectively extends the life of your existing car wax, paint sealants, and ceramic coating. This not only saves you time but also cuts down on the frequent costs of reapplication.

The quality of the 3D Ceramic Detailer doesn’t disappoint. By striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and protection, this product lives up to the hype. The blend and ratio of SiO2 polymers are so finely tuned that they deliver an optimal hydrophobic effect, ensuring your car is adequately protected while still maintaining a polished finish. Moreover, the usage extends to various surfaces, which speaks volumes about the product’s versatility.

Like all things, the 3D Ceramic Detailer has its strong points and weak spots. However, the good definitely outweighs the bad.


  • Offers a hyper gloss finish that enhances the shine and aesthetic appearance of your vehicle
  • Provides strong hydrophobic protection, repelling water and not allowing any to stick to your vehicle
  • Serves as a useful ceramic coating booster
  • Easily applicable with a simple spray-and-wipe process
  • Safe to use on various surfaces


  • May not last as long on the car as other similar products
  • Could potentially streak if not wiped off correctly

Trying this product on your car gives you a better appreciation of its capabilities. It’s undeniable that the GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Detailer offers a worthwhile investment for your vehicle, promising a sleek look combined with lasting protection.

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Comparison of Ceramic Coating Spray Products

Torque Detail Ceramic Spray

Torque Detail Ceramic Spray seizes the unique qualities of Sio2 to provide a robust protection for your car’s surface. The product is easy to apply, saving you hours of intricate detailing. Providing a glass-like sheen, it brings out your vehicle’s naturally radiant look while repelling water and the elements with its 7H hardness strength. This ceramic spray can offer up to 12 months of protection for car paint, windows, glass, rims, alloy, and fiberglass.

EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating Spray

EGOFLEX promises a scientifically advanced 3-in-1 formula that swiftly cleans, shines, and shields your car’s exterior surfaces. The application is straightforward, just spray on, wipe, and dry for an instant effect. It boasts of features including super hydrophobic and water-beading protection. Expect a high gloss finish and superior UV protection from this 8 fl oz ceramic coating product.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray

Nexgen delivers a professional-grade sealer that shields your vehicle’s surface from scratches, fading, and damage. It utilizes the high-grade SiO2 for unparalleled effects and a glossy finish. The application process involves three easy steps. Nexgen can works on numerous external solid surfaces including metal, paint, glass, plastic, and vinyl. This 8oz bottle can coat a mid-size sedan 4-5 times or a large truck 3-4 times.

SHINE ARMOR Ceramic Coating

SHINE ARMOR offers a unique 3-in-1 formula for their fortify quick coat ceramic car wax. It’s a gentle yet effective polish that eliminates grime and dirt instantly. It works on any surface including automobiles, boats, RVs, and motorbikes. Moreover, it gives your vehicle a clear shield of protection while providing a beautiful gloss.

4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating

The 4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating can protect all exterior surfaces and it creates a protective ceramic coating that prevents scratches. It repels dirt, water, and UV light. The application is quick and easy, giving your car a showroom finish in minutes. One application of this product keeps your car almost maintenance-free for an entire month.

3D Ceramic Detailer

The 3D Ceramic Detailer provides a hyper-gloss finish that extends the life of your existing car wax, paint sealants, and ceramic coating. It creates a water-repellent surface using SiO2 polymers, making your car easy to maintain. The application is as easy as spraying it on and wiping it off to reveal a stunning finish.

SprayMain FeatureApplication
Torque Detail Ceramic SpraySave timeEasy, takes just minutes
EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating SprayScientifically advanced 3-in-1 formulaEasy, just spray on, wipe, dry
Nexgen Ceramic SprayProfessional-grade sealerEasy, Spray, Wipe evenly, Buff out
SHINE ARMOR Ceramic CoatingAll-in-one ceramic coating hydrophobic sprayEasy, just spray and wipe
4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic CoatingFast applicationEasy, spray on and wipe off
3D Ceramic DetailerHyper gloss finishEasy, spray on and wipe off

Conclusion: A Full-Blown Combination for Car-Care Enthusiasts

Based on the review of these six products, it’s clear to see that they all share significant value. If you have a love for keeping your car in top-notch condition, each product here offers an exciting degree of ease in application and a high-gloss shine, thanks to the proprietary Silica (Nano SiO2) formula.

What Each Product Offers

Torque Detail Ceramic Spray, for instance, promises a straightforward application and a robust shield on your car’s clear coat. It’s an ideal option if you’re after hydrophobic protection and a high-gloss sheen.

EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating doubles as a car wax and polish waterless wash, making it perfect if you’re looking for a versatile all-rounder. It brings a crystal shine to not just cars, but SUVs, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, yachts.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide leans to the professional-grade side of things, offering a protective sealant polish for a wide range of vehicle types. It’s a perfect fit if you want something more professional.

Ceramic Coating Top Coat by SHINE ARMOR and the 4 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray both stand out with their ‘wash and wax’ feature. They offer hydrophobic top-coat polish and extend the life of your car’s paint sealant detail protection. Ideal if you’re after the benefits of a topcoat and wax in one go.

Finally, 3D Ceramic Detailer from the GLW Series stands out with its hyper-gloss finish. If you’re after extending the life of your waxes, sealants, or coatings, this one’s worth a look.

Any Drawbacks?

While each product promises its own set of appealing features, remember that no product is perfect. Some might find the application process a little messy, while others might not offer as long-lasting a coat as promised. Plus, the level of shine may differ. It’s about finding what suits your needs.

So, What’s Recommended for You?

Ultimately, your choice will hinge on your specific needs. If you’re a professional in the industry or a car-care enthusiast on the lookout for an all-rounder, products like the EGOFLEX Ceramic Coating or the Nexgen Ceramic Spray might hit the sweet spot. If it’s simplicity that catches your fancy, consider options like Torque Detail Ceramic Spray. But if it’s about getting maximum protection with a top-coat and wax, SHINE ARMOR and the 4 in 1 High Protection Spray might be more up your alley.

And to those itching to extend the life of their coatings, we’d recommend the 3D Ceramic Detailer.

At the end of the day, your car deserves the best. And one of these six products could just be the solution you need. Happy car-caring!

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