Microfiber Vs Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt Comparison

Microfiber Vs Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt – Which Is The Best?

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A good wash mitt is important for avoiding scratches and swirls when you are washing your car. Some people think that all expensive wash mitts are good but that’s not always the case. The type of wash mitt matters too, high-quality comes from the materials used on the mitt. High quality materials will allow you to preserve the benefits of waxing your car.

We have a lot of different types of mitts but the most popular among car owners are the microfiber mitt and the sheepskin wash mitt. One must be better than the other though? I see that there’s a sort of dilemma around this. Which is better for car washing, a microfiber wash mitt or a sheepskin wash mitt?

If you are thinking about switching to another wash it or you are just wondering which is better, here’s a comparison between the two.

Microfiber Wash Mitt

Sheepskin Wash Mitt

Made from synthetic materialsMade from natural fiber
- Extra Fine Fiber
- Durable
- Easy to clean

- Natural Fine Fiber
- Traps A Lot Of Dirt
- Absorbs A Lot Of Soap
- Expensive
- Not as absorbent
- Not durable
- Hard to maintain clean
Good For:
- Cleaning any type of car
- Swirl-free finish
- Surface Wash
Good For:
- Finishing wash
- Cars with minimal dirt

Microfiber Vs Sheepskin Wash Mitts

I will go through the advantages and disadvantages of both mitts, then we will reach a conclusion.

Microfiber Wash Mitts

Check Out The PriceCheck Out The PriceCheck Out The Price

Recently, these mitts have become very popular, I believe, everyone knows about them. Most people don’t know what ‘microfiber’ means though. A microfiber cloth is not a natural fiber, it’s made from synthetic materials that make for a very fine fiber. A microfiber cloth can be made from a blend of various polyesters. Usually, we see the polyester-nylon bland.

Unlike other types of wash mitts like wool mitts and sheepskin mitts, it’s not made from natural sources. And, we all know how quickly natural fibers can degrade. That’s why microfiber is so popular for car washing, it’s fine and soft against the paint but it’s also more durable and lasts longer.

It’s easier to maintain it clean. A clean wash mitt is really important to avoid swirls.


  • Very fine fiber, 1/100th of human hair, 1/3th of cotton fiber.
  • Soft, gentle on the paint.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Durable lasts long.


  • High-quality microfiber mitts can be expensive.
  • Most cheap mitts are of bad quality.

Sheepskin Wash Mitts

Check Out The PriceCheck Out The PriceCheck Out The Price

The name says it all, sheepskin wash mitts are made from sheepskin hide. Lately, these have been overshadowed by microfiber mitts. Sheepskin is also a fine fiber, especially when used for a wash mitt. But it comes from a natural source. So, the quality of the mitt depends on a lot of things. The age of the animal, how the hide is processed, the health of the animal, etc. Anyways, it’s not as fine as microfiber.

A clean sheepskin wash mitt won’t damage the paint. The thing is, these mitts are hard to clean and maintain. Often, they trap a lot of dirt which then contaminates the paint. They degrade quickly, especially after cleaning the mitts.

High-quality sheepskin mitts are really expensive. These do an impressive job at cleaning the car but not for long. Once you neglect them or they get dirty quite a lot, they are not as effective.

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  • Catches a lot of dirt without damaging the paint.
  • Fine fiber.


  • Good mitts are quite expensive.
  • Hard to maintain clean.
  • Don’t last that long, they degrade fast.

Which Is Better

Well, you already know the answer. While there’s no definite answer, and people use what they prefer, in general, microfiber wash mitts are better than sheepskin wash mitts. Microfiber is a finer fiber, it lasts longer, not as expensive, and it’s easy to maintain clean.

But, this is all relative though. It depends on how you will be using the mitts. In my opinion, it’s best to have both. A sheepskin mitt won’t work if there’s a lot of dirt on the vehicle, the mitt will be ruined. Instead, it’s best used on cars with minimal dirt, usually cars that have a ceramic coating or Clear Bra. Microfiber mitts are more universal, you can use them however you want as long as you switch between 3 cloths and maintain them clean.

In conclusion, use your microfiber wash mitt for that prepping wash, and finish it finely with a sheepskin wash mitt.

Types Of Car Wash Mitts

Wool Wash Mitts

First, we have mitts made from natural fiber. We call these “wool wash mitts”. The sheepskin and lambswool mitt is actually wool mitts. We also have the chenille mitts. All that was said for the sheepskin mitts applies to all of these. They are really good at trapping dirt, soft on the paint, hard to maintain, and they don’t last long.

Chenille mitts are a bit different, they can be as durable as microfiber mitts. Still, they are hard to maintain though. Wool mitts are best when used on cars with minimal dirt. Great for cleaning a car with ceramic coating or Clear Bra.

Synthetic Wash Mitts

All synthetic mitts are not necessarily microfiber. They are not as fine as microfiber, although they are a blend of synthetic materials. Made from a blend of a lot of different materials.

Synthetic mitts last longer than wool mitts and are easier to maintain but they are not that good at trapping dirt. Also, they do not clean as well. Basically, these offer durability while they don’t clean effectively.

Microfiber Chenille Mitts

Lastly, we have a blend of chenille and synthetic materials. Yes, these are microfiber mitts but a bit different. As I said, chenille mitts were also durable, so when blended with synthetic materials they make for a fine fiber. The absorbing qualities of the chenille are preserved while they are durable and easy to clean.

What Is The Best Car Wash Mitt

I know that some of you want the absolute best mitt. You are not interested in anything else, you just want a good car wash mitt. Here is what we recommend.

1. Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt

Highlighted Features

  • Scratch-Free Wash Mitt
  • Absorbent & Soft
  • Durable Elastic Cuff
  • Machine Washable

The best wash mitt if you ask me. There are a lot of microfiber products but Chemical Guys bring us the best. Only a few can compare. You can’t go wrong with this mitt, you can find it in many different colors, just select on Amazon.

This wash mitt won’t leave swirl marks. It’s soft on the paint, so no paint scratches. Easy to clean, all the trapped dirt is released in the wash bucket. It’s machine washable, so you can put it on your washing machine. Select the gentle cycle.


  • No scratches, no swirl marks.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Soft on paint
  • Durable


  • A bit expensive

2. Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt

Highlighted Features

  • Super-Thick
  • Lint-Free
  • Swirl-Free Finish
  • Machine Washable

Here we have a Meguiar’s microfiber product, just as good as the first one. A high-quality product that makes for a nice finish. Check out this one, if you didn’t like the first one. You can find this as a hybrid model though. mixed between polyester and natural fibers.

Impressively absorbent gets the most out of the wash shampoo or dish soap. Traps a lot of dirt but easy to clean in the wash bucket. It’s not hard on the paint, it’s safe to use on Clear Bra. Truly, a top-grade product.

It can be used both with wash soap and with a waterless cleaning solution. Really easy to maintain, just put it in the washing machine.


  • Clear Coat Safe
  • Lint-Free
  • Swirl-Free
  • Reusable


  • The elastic cuff is kinda itchy.
  • Expensive.

3. Mothers Wash Mitt – Premium Chenille 

Highlighted Features

  • Lint-Free
  • Clear Coat Safe
  • Microfiber Chenille
  • High Density

Lastly, we have another amazing product. It compares well with the first two. It has everything you want in a microfiber mitt. It comes highly recommended, especially if you are looking for a chenille mitt.

Extra absorbent and high-density, won’t cause swirls nor scratches. It absorbs as much as possible from the soapy water. Soft on the paint, and safe on coatings because of the lint-free design.

Like any good microfiber product, it’s durable and easy to maintain. A reusable mitt that can be cleaned in the washing machine.


  • High-Quality Chenille.
  • Clear Coat Safe.
  • Reusable.
  • For every hand size.


  • No holes for fingers.

How To Clean A Sheepskin Mitt

Well, all of this begs the question, how to clean a sheepskin mitt. Since these mitts are so sensitive, and they easily get ruined with each wash cycle, you need to be careful. I see a lot of people ruining their wool mitts by placing them in the washing machine. Most sheepskin mitts are not machine washable.

To clean a sheepskin mitt, fill up a bucket, sink, or tub with warm water. Add a proper cleaning solution, products specifically for Wool Wash. Rub the soapy water against the mitt, and thoroughly clean the trapped dirt. Dry outside, do not put the mitt in a drying machine.

Clean the mitt only when it’s necessary. With each wash, the mitt starts degrading. So, do not overdo it. That’s why you should not use a sheepskin mitt on a really dirty car, you will not be able to wash off the dirt only with one try.

How To Clean A Microfiber Washing Mitt

The microfiber mitt can be cleaned both by hand and in a washing machine. You should only be careful with using fabric softeners, these get in between the spaces and clog the dirt.

To handwash, the mitt, fill up a bucket with clean lukewarm water. Use an appropriate cleaning detergent, something mild without petroleum. Rub the soap in the mitt, and then rinse with clean cold water. 

The mitt can also be placed in a washing machine. Set the machine on the gentle cycle, use a mild detergent. Dry it in a drying machine with low heat settings. You can wash a microfiber mitt as much as you want, but still, don’t overdo it.

How To Avoid Swirls And Scratches – Car Washing

I guess most of you came here with the intent to get something that won’t scratch your car. Maybe the mitt you already have leaves water spots and swirls. First of all, get a high-quality mitt, any product listed in the post will do.

Second of all, use the two buckets method. No matter the quality of your mitt, if you are only using one, you are going to scratch it. The mitt will get progressively dirtier. So, have a bucket for the soap, and a bucket for cleaning the mitt. Also, have several mitts on hand, so you can switch when one gets too dirty. Start cleaning with a microfiber mitt, finish up with a wool mitt. This is the best way to avoid problems, remember, keep the wash mitt clean at all times.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

What Is The Best Car Wash Mitt For Avoiding Scratches

To avoid scratches while washing your car you will need a high-quality wash mitt. Either microfiber or sheepskin. If your car gets dirty quite a lot, the best wash mitts for avoiding scratches are Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt and Mothers Premium Chenille Mitt. For finishing touches, the best wash mitts are Chemical Guys Scratch Free Bear Claw Premium Wash Mitt and Mothers Premium Sheepskin Wash Mitt. I recommend using a microfiber wash mitt for washing the surface dirt, and then, finish with a sheepskin mitt.

Can You Wash Microfiber Mitts

Yes, most microfiber mitts are machine washable. In fact, you can put all microfiber items in the machine, just select the appropriate wash cycle. The best way to wash a microfiber mitt is on the gentle cycle.

How Do You Dry Microfiber

You can dry microfiber items in a drying machine. Don’t use fabric softeners, and set the machine on Low Heat. Do not let a microfiber cloth dry in a humid dark area, the cloth will start to smell and lose its properties.

Is A Wash Mitt Better Than A Sponge

Yes, a car wash mitt is way better than a sponge. The sponge may hold more of the soapy water but it traps dirt and contaminates the surface. The trapped dirt will scratch the paint, it will act as a kind of an abrasive. A wash mitt is exceptionally soft, easy to clean, and it’s durable. It will not cause swirls nor scratches.

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