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4 Convincing Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean And Maintain It

Ron Buckley

Last Updated on June 5, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

Cars are an essential part of our lives, therefore we spend a lot of our time in them. A report by the AAA Foundation found that the average American spent close to 300 hours driving in 2016. Spending so much time driving means that our cars get dirty, both inside and outside.

Here is a list of reasons why should keep your car squeak clean

  1. Appearance
  2. Your Health
  3. Protect Your Paint
  4. Save Costs

Regardless if you own a family van, hybrid commuter, sports car, or work vehicle, there are many benefits to keeping a clean car!

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We are always being judged by the cars we drive. This is often based on the manufacturer and type of car we drive, but this is not the only factor we are judged by!

The cleanliness of our car not only plays an important role in the appearance of the car, but also us as an individual.

Picture yourself as a potential client, meeting with the owner of a business. He is picking you up in his new, black Mercedes-Benz sedan.

Sounds pretty impressive?

You walk outside to his car covered in dirt and road salt. You open the door to find crumbs around the interior and the owner moving junk off the passenger seat to make room for you.

Suddenly not so impressive, right?

Now let’s picture the opposite scenario.

You first see the black Mercedes-Benz with its shiny, spotless, deep-black paint and sparkling wheels. You open the door and see the beautifully clean leather seats and a spotless interior. This scenario makes the business owner look much more successful and appealing.

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clean mercedes

This does not only apply for work-related scenarios. Keeping a clean car conveys an appearance about the person behind the wheel no matter the make, model, or year of the car.

Whether you are fetching your loved ones or business associates, it is awkward to feel that your car is dirty or have an unpleasant smell. The first impression counts a lot and what easier way to leave a good impression by showing them your squeaky clean and well-maintained car.

Your Health

The interior of our cars can easily become very dirty. Since we spend so much time in our cars, bacteria builds up on the steering wheel and everywhere else in the car. We should keep our car clean like rooms in our house.

We occasionally drop food or spill a few drops (or more…) of coffee when in a rush. Dirt, road salt, and other contaminants are also tracked in every time we enter the vehicle. If you have a family, this mess can become much messier, much quicker.

Wiping down and vacuuming your interior gets rid of bacteria and provides a clean space for yourself and passengers. Check out our guide to interior cleaning.

Cleaning Car Interior

Protect Your Paint

The exterior of our cars also takes a beating.

Cars are exposed to all types of weather, some of which can be very damaging, such as road salt. Mud and other debris are also thrown up from the road onto our cars and can become embedded in the paint or cause scratches.

It doesn’t take a car long to get dirty after being washed, therefore we must be consistent and frequent with washing our cars.

Cars with large amounts of dirt can easily become scratched due to the abrasive nature of the particles.

dirty car

Additionally, dirt can become embedded in the paint and cannot be removed through a simple wash. Learn how to remove these embedded particles!

Save Costs

A well-maintained car can fetch a better price when you plan to sell it. It is also costly to repair simple scratches at an auto shop at average costs of around $100. For deep scratches, it can cost up to $1,500. Ouch!

You also will not need to change a car often if you put in the effort to keep it clean and looking brand new most of the time.

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