How To Make Car Cleaning Slime

How To Make Car Cleaning Slime

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Gooey slime has been getting more and more popular for cleaning car interiors. We all know how hard it can be to clean dirt in cup holders and similar pockets. You’ve surely seen a video of how effective slime is at cleaning car interior, so you want to try it. How to make car cleaning slime?

There are several recipes for making homemade cleaning slime. You can use dissolved borax with sticking glue. Mixing sticking glue, baking soda, and multi-purpose cleaning concentrate. 

Slime can only be used 1-2 times before it loses its stickiness. So, you can’t really afford to stock up on store-bought slime. That’s why it’s best to make it at home.

You can also use slime to clean other things like keyboards for example. If you learn how to make slimes, you won’t have to buy that many cleaning products anymore.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make car cleaning slime. We’ll offer more than one recipe, so you can try and see what works for you.

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Slime Borax Formula

Slime Borax Formula

Cleaning slime has one necessary ingredient, that’s sticking glue. However, you can’t just clean with sticking glue. Slime is also amazing because dirt and crumbles stick to it but the slime itself doesn’t stick to the surface.

That’s why you need to add another solution to the sticking glue. Borax can make the glue into a gooey substance that doesn’t stick any surfaces. The most common formula for making slime is a mix of dissolved borax and sticking glue.

Here’s how to make a car cleaning slime using glue, water, and borax.

  1. Dissolve the borax with hot water. 
    Get a cup that you won’t use anymore. Or, a disposable paper cup. Don’t use a plastic cup. Put the borax in the cup and fill it with hot water, it shouldn’t be boiling hot. Mix with a spoon until the borax is properly mixed with the water.
  2. Mix the glue with hot water. 
    In a hollow dish, squeeze in the glue. Then, add hot water little by little. Half a cup should be enough but it depends. You want to dissolve the glue but you still want it to be thick. So, just pour hot water bit by bit. Mix with a spoon with each pouring.
  3. Mix the dissolved glue with the dissolved borax. 
    Pour the dissolved borax into the dish with the glue, and start stirring. Mix well with a spoon. The more you stir, the thicker the substance will get.
  4. Start working on the slime with your hands. 
    You won’t be able to achieve the thickness you want just by stirring. So, you will need to get your hands in there and work on the slime like it’s dough.
  5. Add more borax if needed. 
    Cleaning slime shouldn’t stick to surfaces. If it sticks to your hand, you need to add more borax to it.

Optional: You can add food coloring to your slime to make it look more fancy or appealing.

That’s how to make cleaning slime out of borax and glue. Here’s another recipe.

Cleaning Slime Contact Cleaner Formula

As already mentioned, there are several formulas for making cleaning slime. Some are better than others. Try them out and see what works for you.

Here’s how to make slime out of baking soda, glue, and multi-purpose cleaning concentrate.

  1. Pour the glue into a bowl. 
    Feel free to use the whole bottle if it’s a small one. If it’s a big one, apply 1/3 of the bottle.
  2. Add two tablespoons of baking soda. 
    If it looks like two tablespoons are too much you can go with one tablespoon.
  3. Add three tablespoons of the multi-purpose cleaning concentrate. 
    You can use any kind of multi-purpose disinfectant. The point is to dissolve the sticking properties of the glue.
  4. Stir with a spoon until it’s thick enough. 
    You don’t have to use your hands here, just stir well with the spoon.
  5. Add more glue if the slime is too liquidy or not thick enough. 
    You can mess with the formula here. Once you add the glue, if it’s too sticky, just add half a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of the cleaner.

Optional: If you don’t like baking soda, you can use shaving foam instead. For some people, baking soda just doesn’t work, so try the same recipe with shaving foam. The shaving cream can add a nice smell to the smile as well.

Is Slime Good For Cleaning Cars

Although originally made as toys, we found a better use for slime. The reason why slime is so great for cleaning is that solids stick to it but the slime doesn’t stick to any surface.

Slime is especially good at cleaning car interiors. Of course, it can’t clean the seats and upholstery. It’s good at cleaning cup holders, rubber, and plastic parts of the interior. This includes the door handles, buttons, the AC vents, etc…

These parts of the interior usually have a lot of dust and crumble on them. Picking up the dust and the crumbles without decontamination is really hard. No dedicated car cleaning product can clean this well.

That’s where slime comes in. Because it’s so sticky, it picks up the dust and crumbles with ease. Most importantly, it can get into those crevices that a microfiber cloth can’t.

So, slime is good for cleaning cup holders, the gear shifter, and all rubber or plastic parts of the interior. It picks up dust and crumbles. It’s not good at cleaning sticky stuff though.

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Related Questions And Other FAQs

Is Cleaning Slime Reusable

Cleaning slime loses its sticky properties after it accumulates dirt. So, cleaning slime is not really reusable. At most, you can use the same slime for cleaning two times.

What Can I Substitute For Borax In Slime

Instead of borax, you can use baking soda and a contact solution. These ingredients can also prevent the slime from being too gooey. You can also use shaving foam and a contact solution instead of baking soda.

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