How To Organize Car Cleaning Supplies

How To Organize Car Cleaning Supplies

Last Updated on June 18, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

When cleaning a car, being organized is a must for a job well done. Any type of cleaning is way more efficient with organized cleaning supplies. Are you tired of losing time looking for your car cleaning supplies? Here’s how to organize car cleaning supplies?

  1. Sort in exterior and interior cleaning supplies. 
  2. Have a separate crate for sprays, towels, and tools. 
  3. Separate crates for contamination.
  4. Have a separate crate for towels for windows, body, interior, and wheels. 
  5. Have a separate crate for dirty and clean towels.

Organizing cleaning supplies is something you can improvise. There are just some rules you have to know in order to not contaminate supplies with each other.

Here are some things and tips you should know when organizing car cleaning supplies.

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Store The Supplies In A Safe Place

You will always have a problem organizing your car cleaning supplies if you don’t have a dedicated place for them. Ideally, you will always store your supplies in the same place, in the garage.

However, I know that all car owners have a garage. You can still find a good place to store the supplies though.  Just make that spot specifically where you store car cleaning supplies.

This will help you a lot. You will always know where your car cleaning supplies are and when to look for them. Otherwise, you will find yourself organizing the supplies again and again.

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Sort By Exterior & Interior

Whether you will be using crates, trays, or boxes, a good rule to follow is to divide the cleaning supplies into car exterior and car interior.

You are going to do some more specific sorting later. But having a general organization helps at avoiding mixing up and losing products.

Sorting the car cleaning products by exterior and interior is very intuitive. I highly recommend following this step. When you are cleaning the car, you will know what to look for immediately.

If you are cleaning the interior, you look for car interior cleaning supplies. If you are cleaning the exterior, you look for car interior cleaning supplies.

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Have A Crate For Sprays & Suds

I see a lot of car owners lose their cleaning products because they didn’t store them properly. Some people stock up on supplies, and then are careless of where they put them.

So, when they are cleaning the car, they won’t be able to find the car cleaning spray they need. Little did they know that the thing they needed was right in front of their eyes.

That’s why it’s best to have a separate crate or box for all the car cleaning sprays and car cleaning suds. When you are looking for a type of spray or soap, just take a look at the dedicated crate.

Have A Crate For Towels

Have A Crate For Towels

If you are doing DIY car washing for a while, you know how important is to have a lot of clean microfiber towels. Mixing up your towels can lead to dirt and product contamination.

Wiping dirty microfiber towels can lead to scratches and swirls in your car’s paint. In general, you will never get that shiny clean look after washing the car.

Some towels may have leftover residue of a product that you don’t want on some section of the car. So, sort your towels further into specific sections for your car. Have a little crate for towels for the paint, the wheels, the dashboard, and the windshield.

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Have A Crate For Dirty Towels

This goes without saying but it’s more common than you think. I’m talking about sorting dirty towels along with the clean ones. A lot of car owners will use a towel, get it dirty, and throw it in the pair with the clean towels. The idea is to wash them once they are all used up.

Just have one big crate where you throw the dirty towels. Once the crate gets full, you can wash the towels. If you want you can wash them immediately after using them. Nonetheless, never use a dirty towel to wipe anything in your car.

Have A Crate For Cleaning Tools

Sorting car cleaning and detailing tools is a bit complicated. Here’s where you need to be careful and improvise. Some tools should stay clean and separate from other tools.

For instance, clay bars should be stored safely. Clay bars get easily contaminated, so make sure they don’t touch anything. The same goes for applicator pads.

Just have multiple crates for tools. Avoid contaminating any of the tools with each other. Keep applicator pads and clay bars clean.

Have A Crate For Detailing

Have A Crate For Detailing

This is optional, and completely up to you. Some car owners like to have a separate section for car detailing products and equipment. You can do this of course, but make sure to follow all the rules above.

You can still sort the car detailing sprays along with the car cleaning ones. Just make sure to not mix up and contaminate any tools.

Put Everything Back Into Place

Putting the supplies into place after you are done using them can be exhausting I know. But if you do that immediately after you clean your car, you won’t have to bother with reorganizing.

This is a crucial step that you must follow if you want your supplies always in perfect place and order.

Why Organize Car Cleaning Supplies

Why Organize Car Cleaning Supplies

With all of this being said, some beginners may be thinking: Why should I organize car cleaning supplies? As already mentioned, experienced DIY car washing readers already know the struggle of cleaning with unorganized cleaning supplies.

Having your cleaning supplies organized will help you clean the car more efficiently. Cleaning with unorganized supplies results in a car wash with water spots, dirt spots, and swirl spots. Organizing your supplies will also help you to avoid any mixups of towels and products. 

Again, it’s completely up to you whether you will organize your car cleaning supplies. I highly recommend so, but some people just work better in chaos.

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