The Ultimate Beginners Guide For Making Car Wash Soap

Ultimate Guide For Beginners Making Homemade Car Wash Soap

The sun is shining, your car is dirty, and you’re ready to change that, but you’re fresh out of car wash. What do you do? You can find car wash or car soap alternatives, or you can make your own car wash soap. We’re here to show you how to do that, or at the very least find some car wash soap alternatives.

You can make homemade car wash soap pretty easily with common household cleaners. Just make sure to avoid any harsh chemicals or otherwise harmful substances. Typically, this means you’re left to make a combination of things like baking soda, baby shampoo, laundry detergent, liquid dish detergent, baby shampoo, dishwashing soap, hair conditioners, or an odd combination of other car cleaning products.

Sounds like you’ve got options then, huh? So let’s get into it.


How To Make A Car Wash Soap

How To Make Homemade Car Wash Soap

As I was saying, there are many household cleaners that you can combine to make your own car wash soap but there are also some things to look out for when doing so. Be sure to avoid:

  • petroleum based laundry detergent
  • wheel cleaners in large amounts
  • any kind of essential oil
  • other harmful chemicals like raid insect spray (don’t ask me why)

Making Car Wash Soap Using Dish Soap as a Homemade Car Wash Solution

Yeah, it’s possible. It was basically the first diy car wash soap don’t you think?

People wash cars with liquid dishwashing detergent because it doesn’t do all that bad of a job really. Using dishwashing liquid as a cleaning solution is pretty straight forward and doesn’t cause many problems.

It won’t leave soap residue on your car’s paint, it’ll easily remove bird poop and road grime, and it doesn’t expose your car’s surface to any harsh chemicals. Dish soap will however strip all of the wax off your car’s finish though.

That’s right, no protection for your clear coat or paint job I said! You’ll have a clean car, but also an exposed paint job, so be aware of that.

If I had to clarify, all you’ll need is a bucket of warm water, and a cup of liquid dishwashing detergent, and voila you have your own homemade car wash soap.

Using Baby Shampoo as A Car Wash Soap Alternative

Yeah it’s possible but not the best. Baby shampoo creates a mild soap mixture that is best used with warm water. Cold water can work too may end up doing some scrubbing with microfiber towels, or soft paper towels worst case scenario.

Due to the chemical composition of baby shampoo, it is very gentle and will not loosen bird poop, or other bird droppings, like dishwashing soap would.

Trust me when I tell you that car cleaning tips are often learned the hard way; if you end up scrubbing your paint job, be sure to use clean microfiber towels.

You can also use soapy water as a lubricant if you don’t have a soft cloth available. Be careful regardless.

Using Hand Soap For A Car Wash

Hand soap by nature is a very mild soap, so you can be comfortable that it’s not strong enough to compromise car paint. However, it’s not the best homemade car wash. It can easily be outdone with the most basic dishwashing liquid.

If you’re going to use hand soap for car care, make sure to apply a liberal amount to your bucket before filling it with warm water. Follow the same instructions that we gave for making homemade car wash with dish soap.


Using Hand Soap

Is Baking Soda Safe on Car Paint

Yes, baking soda is safe to use on car paint. It’s not my favorite option however, it can be abrasive if not diluted properly. If you decide to use it, be sure to use plenty of warm water. It won’t create a liquid soap like other methods, but can still be used as a homemade car wash solution because it will loosen bird poop and other contaminants just like dishwashing liquid would.

Even the mild soap mixture that hand soap creates will give you more suds than baking soda would. As we mentioned before, it’s ok to use a large spray bottle with some soapy water to lubricate the surface and protect your paint job.

Using Laundry Detergent As Car Wash Soap

Laundry detergent is a viable car wash solution, and it comes in many forms. You can use powdered laundry detergent, like you would baking soda, or you can use the liquid detergent which I recommend.

Regardless, I would recommend using a laundry detergent that is made for children, or those with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin variants typically have less fragrances, and other harmful substances, that could damage your clear coat.

No matter what cleaning solution you use, it is best to use warm water – but cold water will work in a pinch, a clean microfiber towel, and a spray bottle, if necessary, for those extra bird droppings.

Is Wheel Cleaner A Good Diy Car Wash Soap

Not so much, but it won’t hurt anything. You can find a better car wash solution, or even a basic car wash soap, but if you’re here, you have your reasons, and we’re going to cover it.

Since most car wash soaps and wheel cleaners normally come in a spray bottle, you can easily apply it to – my favorite – bird poop that’s stuck to your clear coat. As always, use soft paper towels or a clean microfiber towel to remove excess droppings or soap residue.

It doesn’t matter if you have cold water or warm water. Use your clean microfiber cloth for the finishing touches. If I skipped a step, I hope it’s straight forward by now.

Homemade Car Wash Soap for the Windshield

Now it’s time for baking soda to shine! … your car windows and your windshield. Or you can use a powdered laundry detergent, it will function the same.

Just mix some baking soda with some warm water, apply it to the windshield and let it sit. Add more soda or powdered laundry detergent as necessary. Rinse with warm water. Let the car sit to air dry. Voila! Shining windshield.


How To Clean Windows & Windshield

What is the Best Homemade Car Wash Soap

I don’t know if it’s cheating, but I would say take that odd bottle of car wash solution, mix it with some liquid soap, and your homemade car wash is good to go! Yeah, maybe it is cheating in hindsight because making homemade car wash soap really isn’t that hard, but it’s knowing how to use your homemade car wash soap that really counts. We’ll cover that next.

How To Wash A Car with Homemade Car Wash Solution

Here we go! It’s time to use your homemade car wash soap, but first..

Step One

It’s important to understand the first part of the car cleaning process is to make sure all the dirt or dirt marks, bird poop, tree sap, road grime, etc. are removed from the car’s exterior; it is important to do this to protect your car’s paint.

Your car’s surface can develop swirl marks and scratches if this is ignored. Cleaning cars professionally is called detailing for a reason, it’s your attention to detail that counts when you’re trying to preserve the clear coat on a car’s paint.

Anyways, to prepare your car I recommend making a diy soap mixture in a large spray bottle. This mixture can be made of hand soap, hair conditioner, a previously homemade detergent, or a liquid dish detergent. Basically, your objective is to create a mild soap that has a gentle chemical composition that will preserve the car’s exterior.

You’re protecting the paint surface by allowing all the soap to soak into any road grime, bird poop, or other miscellaneous bird droppings, present on the car’s surface which will allow all the dirt to be easily removed from the paint surface.

Use a clean microfiber cloth if you need to use some elbow grease. I should probably tell you, if you plan on using a foam cannon, you can skip this step – it’s basically a DIY car wash all in one.

Step Two

Now that you have a clean car, take your diy car wash soap and apply it thoroughly across your beloved car.

Use a large spray bottle if necessary. If you used hair conditioner or wheel cleaner in your soap, I recommend rinsing your car ASAP.

Otherwise, you’re free to let it soak. Don’t wait forever though or you’ll wind up with a leftover case of residue. Sometimes, if my car is extra dirty, I’ll rinse it entirely then reapply my diy car wash soap.

You can take it from there I imagine.

Step Three

Depending on the car wash soap that was used, it may be time to reapply wax to your car’s clear coat.

In particular, dish soap is the primary culprit for stripping wax. I won’t go into full detail about waxing a car, but you can read the instructions to, and benefits from, waxing a car.

Step Four

Now that your car is squeaky clean, you can leave the car to air dry and never worry about making homemade car wash soap ever again!

Next time you’re at the auto parts store, I’d recommend picking up some car wash soap alternatives – but if you don’t we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Dish Soap To Wash My Car

Yes, dish soap can be an adequate car soap as long as you’re aware of the drawbacks. Dish soap will strip the wax from your car, so as long as you re apply wax to your car afterwards there’s nothing to worry about.

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