How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Headliner

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Headliner

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We all love taking our dogs on road trips but we also know the struggle of dealing with dog hair in the car. Even if you have a seat cover for dogs, the hair will manage to stick to the headliner. Getting rid of dog hair can be exhausting, it just floats everywhere in the car.

If you are having the same problem, and wondering: How to get dog hair out of a car headliner? You came to the right place, we have multiple solutions. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to remove dog hair from car carpet and the headliner. You can get rid of dog hair in the headliner with:

  1. Velcro Pads
  2. Velcro Curlers
  3. Duct Tape
  4. Rubber Glove
  5. Balloon
  6. Squeegee
  7. Brush
  8. Dog Hair Roller Remover
  9. Lint Roller
  10. Car Upholstery Mitt
  11. Vacuum Cleaner

You can use any of these items to remove dog hair and cat hair from your car. Some require more effort though. Others, require you to be careful to avoid damage. Let’s go through each of these thoroughly, but first we’ll give you a general over view of how to clean your car’s headliner.

How to Clean Your Car’s Headliner

To clean the car headliner, you will need a few basic supplies such as a vacuum cleaner, a soft-bristled brush, a microfiber cloth, and a mild cleaning solution. Here are the steps to cleaning your car’s headliner:

  • start by vacuuming the headliner to remove any loose dirt or debris
  • use the soft-bristled brush to gently scrub any stubborn stains or marks on the headliner
  • be careful not to apply too much pressure as this can damage the material
  • once you have removed all visible stains, use a microfiber cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution to wipe down the entire headliner
  • be sure to avoid saturating the material with too much liquid as this can cause water damage
  • allow the headliner to air dry completely before using your vehicle again

By following these simple steps, you can effectively clean your car headliner and keep it looking like new for years to come.

11 Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Car Headliner

11 Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Car Headliner


Velcro Pads

The dog hair removal process is not the same in your car as in your home. The car is a closed space; brushing or wiping the pet hairs only makes things worse. They start floating, and they stick again to the upholstery. So, the best way to remove pet hairs is to catch them with something sticky.

Velcro pads are something sticky. I have used velcro pads to remove dog hair before. Both from my car and from my clothes. Extremely useful for removing all the pet hair that has tangled with the surface.

The only bad part is that you can’t use the same pad twice, it’s not effective anymore. Also, you will have to stock up on velcro pads, you can’t use the ones you have at home that serve a function.

Be careful not to get really strong velcro. The thing is, the headliner is either attached with clips or it’s attached with an adhesive. Too strong velcro pads may damage the headliner. So, go for something weak that will only get rid of the dog hair.

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Velcro Hair Curlers

Another Velcro item, the curlers. These work the same as the pads. The pet hairs stick to the Velcro. Curlers are a bit harder to handle though. The pads you just stick and remove, it’s simple and quick. For the curlers, you need to roll them around the headliner.

That’s the only difference. Anything Velcro will be a good pet hair removal tool. The curlers are just hard to handle, you will have to put some effort into it. There’s no danger of damaging the headliner though, so that’s that.

Duct Tape

We said that we are looking for something sticky. So, we must mention duct tape. Masking tape will also work. The adhesive on the tape will pick up the doggy hairs.

Just place a piece of tape where you can see that hair has tangled with the headliner. Then, just remove the tape. This also takes some effort, so you will have to repeat this several times. Of course, the bigger the duct tape the easier the pet hair removal method.

You can choose any type of tape, masking and duct tape work best. After you are done, you may see some lines on the headliner. The tape also cleans, so those lines will be cleaner than the rest of the headliner. If the lines bother you, just vacuum the headliner.

Rubber Gloves

Another thing that will work is a pair of rubber gloves. If you used a grooming rubber glove for removing dead hair before you know that rubber works great.

I recommend using kitchen gloves that have nubs. But any latex glove you find at home will do. Just wipe over the hair spots in one direction. Use dry gloves.


Have you ever tried rubbing a balloon on your head? Well, you get the idea. An inflated balloon has static electricity when rubbed against hair or fur. The electricity attracts the pet hairs.

Just rub the balloon against the headliner, focus on spots with hair. Make sure it’s inflated also. It won’t work with a flat one.


This is a neat tool that you may already have in your car, a Squeegee. It has a rubber end, and we already explained how rubber attracts hair.

The squeegee works great for removing hair from the headliner because it has a handle. You just sweep like you would wipe a window.

If you don’t already have one, you can find it in most stores that sell cleaning supplies. Make sure your old squeegee has a clean rubber end before using it on the headliner.


Do you bring dog hair everywhere from your furry friend? You must have used a brush for getting rid of hairs on clothes. Exactly, a brush can also the headliner.

I recommend using a wire brush though. The soft brush will only blow the hairs on your car seats and upholstery. The doggy hairs will stick on a wire brush.

If you are worried about damaging the headliner with the wire brush, you can still go for a softer brush.

Pet Hair Remover – Roller

Now, I’m not talking about a lint roller with an adhesive. This has a brush-like base. It’s made from a fabric that has electrostatic properties.

Pet hair removers are a great tool to have because it’s designed specifically for dog hair removal. More so, it’s reusable and easy to handle. Similar to the squeegee, it’s like you sweeping the headliner.

Lint Roller

We mentioned already, the lint roller. A tool every dog owner is familiar with. It’s a tool we both love and hate. It’s effective until it’s not. The adhesive is efficient at removing pet hair but it does not last long.

If there is a lot of hair on the headliner, get more lint rollers, one or two won’t be enough.

Car Upholstery Mitt

Another item designed for removing pet hair, the upholstery pick-up mitt. You can use this to remove dog hair from clothes, fabric, and upholstery.

It’s a good tool to have for maintaining your car free from pet hair. Not exactly free, you will still have to clean it regularly.

Vacuum Cleaner

I know that this is an obvious solution. The thing is, you can’t really vacuum dog hair tangled with a fabric surface. You would need a really powerful unit that can damage the headliner.

Do not crank up the power on your vacuum though. Use a soft brush as an attachment. If you have one of these, it would be great. It’s not effective without the brush.

How To Protect Car From Dog Hair

You may have realized that none of these methods is preventive. And that’s the truth with pets, you can’t really stop your dog from shedding. It’s something you have to deal with so cleaning pet hair will eventually become part of your routine.

The point is to maintain the car relatively clean. So, cleaning your car effectively is protecting your car. Here are some tips.

  • Buy seat covers.
    This is an effective solution to protect your car seats from dirt and pet hair fibers. If you have leather seats, this is a must. The dog nails will crack up the leather. It protects only your seats though, the hairs still float.
  • Groom your dog before taking a ride.
    I know that there will still be dead hair everywhere but no as much. You minimize the chances of hair shedding.
  • Buy a pet hair brush for your car.
    It’s really important to collect the hairs and not just blow them everywhere, you will be dealing with loose hair then. A sticky pet hair brush will do.
  • Vacuum the car regularly.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Does Fabric Softener Help Remove Pet Hair

Yes, a fabric softener with water can be used to lift off stuck pet hair. For removing pet hair from clothes and machine washable always use fabric softener. Don’t use it on car upholstery though, get a pet hair remover tool.

Do Dryer Sheets Repel Pet Hair

Dryer sheets are anti-static, so they can be used to repel pet hair. Use dryer sheets to clean your lint roller. It’s not as useful on fabric though.

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