How To Make Portable Toilet For Car

How To Make Portable Toilet For Car

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Finding a toilet is one of the most exhausting parts of road trips and camping trips, especially if the trips include children. Going outside is not an option and some public toilets are just too yucky. Only if you had a portable toilet with you. How to make a portable toilet for a car?

You can make a portable toilet using a bucket, foam for pipe insulation, trash bags, and something for absorption like sawdust. 

With this, you can make a small toilet that you can transport in your car. Making and cleaning the toilet is relatively easy.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a portable toilet for cars.

Get A Bucket

You will need something for the base of the toilet. The most practical and cost-effective thing you can get is a bucket.

Any old bucket will do. Preferably, your old wash bucket for the car will do. Something that you are not using anymore. If you want the potty to be special, you can buy a brand new one, a special one for the toilet.

Make sure the bucket doesn’t have those handles that hang over the top. Because of the handle, you won’t be able to hang the trash bags inside the bucket.

One last tip, get a bucket of appropriate size. If adults are going to be using the toilet, get a bigger bucket. If kids are going to be using it, get a smaller one.

Hang Trash Bags

Hang Trash Bags

The second thing you need to do is put the trash bags. Trash bags are used here because they are easily disposable. You can’t really go straight into the bucket because it will be very hard to clean. More so, the smell will persist.

Just get the bag and hang it inside the bucket. Just like you are placing a bag inside a trash can, nothing complicated.

With the trash bags, you can easily dispose of them once you are done with your business. There is no mess inside the bucket and there’s no smell once you dispose of the bag.

Make sure the trash bags you are using are strong enough. So, when “something” falls down inside, the bag is not ripped. Basically, you want big, foolproof bags.

Stack up on these trash bags because you are going to be using a lot of them. You don’t want to get into a situation where there are no bags for the portable toilet.

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Install The Foam Noodle

Now, you can’t really sit right on the bucket. That’s why you need to add something soft around the edges of the opening.

The best thing to use here is foam for pipe insulation. Or, one of those things that kids annoy you with at the pool. You know what I’m talking about, the foam used to spray water.

You can find these things at any hardware store, just look for insulation foam. Or, at any retail store, look for foam pool noodles.

Get the foam and a scalpel or a knife. On one side of the foam, make an incision, so you will open up the foam.

Once you make the incision, just place the foam over the edges of the opening. The incision will make sure the foam stays on the bucket. You don’t need to put tape over it.

Add Absorbtive Materials

Add Absorbtive Materials

Your portable toilet for the car is basically done. One last touch though. Even if you dispose of the trash bag, there will still be some smell. After some time, the bucket will develop a nasty odor.

Think about it, a cat litter box has something for absorption. This is crucial in order to prevent odors from sticking to the portable toilet.

You have many options here. There are a lot of absorptive materials you can find online. You can just use sawdust, or order bedding for small pets’ cages.

Just add this inside the trash bags. Don’t put a lot inside because you will be disposing of the bag after each use.

Tips For Using The Toilet

Now, some tips about using the portable toilet you just made. These are pretty much obvious but still, I want to be thorough.

This goes without saying, don’t use the toilet inside the car. If you have to go, wait for a place where you can stop and find a secluded area. Going inside the car can be messy, most importantly, the smell will be a distraction and a safety hazard.

I know that sometimes when you have to go, you have to go. But make sure that you’ve waited as long as you can before resorting to the worst possible solution.

Another thing you should keep in mind. Dispose of the trash bag as soon as possible. Of course, don’t litter, but also don’t drive with the trash bag.

Don’t use the portable toilet without a trash bag inside the bucket. If you do so, get rid of the bucket altogether, and make a new portable toilet.

Lastly, clean the portable toilet regularly. Even if the toilet looks clean, for sanitary purposes, clean it often with a disinfectant.

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Should I Buy A Car Portable Toilet

In general, manufactured products are better than the ones you can make yourself at home. So, should you buy a car portable toilet instead of making one?

This is up to you. There are some really good portable toilets for cars and camping trips that have an affordable price. These toilets are more comfortable than the DIY portable toilet.

Check them out and see if you like what you see. If you don’t feel like spending money, just make one yourself.

If camping trips are a regular thing for your family, you can invest in a portable toilet.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

How Do I Stop My Portable Toilet From Smelling

To avoid bad odors in your portable toilet, add sawdust or bedding for absorption. Add air fresheners as well. Make sure to regularly clean the portable toilet as well. Stale portable toilets tend to smell really bad.

Can You Use Kitty Litter For Human Waste

Yes, you can add kitty litter to your portable toilet to prevent bad odors from sticking around.

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