What Is Steam Cleaning A Car

What Is Steam Cleaning A Car

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A steam car wash is a service that more and more car wash businesses start to offer. It’s a relatively new method of washing a car. There are a lot of benefits to steam cleaning a car that you should know about. What is steam cleaning a car?

Steam cleaning a car is a way to clean the exterior and the interior car using a steam jet. The steam is able to lift off dirt on the car without damaging the car’s paint and the car’s upholstery. An effective and eco-friendly way to clean the entire car.

I know car owners that have an expensive coating are scared to try out new ways to wash a car. In general, most people don’t want to try out new things when it comes to car washing.

Fear not though, steam cleaning is safe and reliable. Here’s what you need to know about steam cleaning a car.

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How It Works

How It Works

Steam cleaning is used on many other things besides cars. The idea is to lift off dirt, stains, contaminants from surfaces using steam. [Source]

There are two common ways used to clean things. You either try to use chemicals to break apart the dirt, or you can use hot water. It’s the same with cars.

The chemicals are able to act on the dirt and dissolve it. High temperatures make substances loosen up and break apart. You need some kind of cleaning agent, usually a product, to clean part of your car.

A steam cleaner allows for cleaning a car using just steam which is able to lift off the dirt on a car. No chemicals are included, the car is cleaned with the vapor which loosens up dirt, and then blows it away.

It’s able to clean the paint, the wheels, the carpet, the mats, the dashboard, the door panels, the seat, the air conditioning, the engine bay. All-in-one car cleaning.

The steam cleaner is safe to use on car paint and in no way damages it. It’s way more gentle on the car paint than most people think. The vapor creates droplets of soft water.

I’m simplifying things quite a lot when explaining this. Professional steam car cleaning is done with a steam jet that is made with advanced technology. Things like the HEPA filter allow for cleaning dust without any decontamination.

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Benefits Of Steam Car Cleaning

Benefits Of Steam Car Cleaning

  • A Touchless Car Wash
  • Car Paint Safety
  • Interior & Exterior Car Cleaning
  • Cleans Crevices
  • No Chemicals
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cost Friendly
  • Fast Car Wash

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Is Steam Cleaning Good For Cars

Is Steam Cleaning Good For Cars

I know that many car owners will be afraid to try out steam cleaning on their cars. Especially, if they have an expensive coating that can be damaged with a bad washing method.

There’s no cause for concern here though. Steam cleaning is one of the safest ways to wash a car. First of all, no chemicals are used to wash the car. Chemicals although specifically made for cars, can be harsh on the paint. [Source]

More so, you have to buy a specific cleaning agent for each part of the car. You need suds for the paint, you need a cleaning agent for the wheels, for the interior, etc…

With a steam cleaner, you are not touching the car. There’s no need for scrubbing or wiping. So, if there are some abrasive contaminants, with wiping and scrubbing you may cause a scratch. With a steam cleaner, on the other hand, that’s avoided.

Steam cleaning also disinfects the interior. It provides a way to deep clean the entire interior without using any chemicals. What’s even better, you don’t have to wait too long for the seats to dry or the car to ventilate.

To sum up,  steam cleaning is very good for cars, way better than the traditional bucket cleaning method. It’s safe, effective, cost-friendly, and eco-friendly.

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Disadvantages Of Steam Car Cleaning

Disadvantages Of Steam Car Cleaning

Although car steam cleaning is highly beneficial, there’s one disadvantage to it. With traditional car cleaning methods, all the products used, add a protective layer both to the exterior and the interior.

Because steam cleaning doesn’t use any chemicals, after the car is cleaned, there are no protective layers. So, if you are steam cleaning a car, it’s really important to wax it afterward or add some kind of coating.

It’s not really a disadvantage. Car steam cleaning is still good for cars. But it lacks what a car shampoo with wax can do though. Just keep in mind that you will have to add some type of coating to your car if you are going to stick with steam cleaning.

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Can I Steam Clean My Car By Myself


To steam clean your car, you are going to need a steam cleaner. The equipment needed is a one-time investment but it’s still expensive. Steam cleaning a car is not that hard if you know what you are doing.

Like everything in life, don’t do something if you don’t how to do it properly. The workers in car wash places are trained and know how to use the steam cleaning equipment. With research, you can train yourself as well.

I don’t advise on DIY car steam cleaning but it’s up to you. You can rent a steam cleaner if you want to try it out. Remember though, professional car steam cleaning is not expensive.

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Related Questions And Other FAQs

Will Steam Hurt Car Paint

Steam is not dangerous for the car’s paint in any way. If the car is too dirty with much-accumulated dirt, the dirt can damage the paint. That’s why professional car steam cleaning involves a prepping stage where the dirt is dealt with.

How Much Does Steam Cleaning A Car Cost

The cost of steam cleaning a car varies from state to state. Both for exterior and interior cleaning the cost ranges from $100-$400. Professional steam car cleaning comes in packages, there’s one cost for the wheels, for the interior, for the exterior, and for the seats.

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