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Mother’s California Gold Scratch Remover Review

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Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

Mother’s California Gold Scratch Remover Review

All cars have different types of scratches regardless of how well they are taken care of. 

Scratches can occur during washing, by someone rubbing up against your car, or opening the door with your keys in your hand. 

No matter how they occur, light scratches can be easily fixed using Mother’s California Gold Scratch Remover!

Mother’s Scratch Remover is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge or experience.

This Mother’s scratch remover review explains the types of scratches can be fixed with this product, as well as the various reasons that is great for removing scratches from your car.

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What Will Mother’s Scratch Remover Fix?

Not all scratches on your car are equal, as there are several layers to your car’s paint.

Scratches must be fixed using different methods and products depending on the depth of the scratch. 

Mother’s scratch remover will fix light scratches in the clear coat.

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clear coat scratch vs. color coat scratch diagram

There are two ways to identify if you have a light clear coat scratch:

  1. Pour soapy water onto the scratch. If the scratch mostly or completely disappears, it is most likely a clear coat scratch. This is because the soapy water fills in the gap created by the scratch, temporarily repairing the surface.

  2. Take your fingernail and run it perpendicular to the scratch. If your nail does not catch on the scratch, it is most likely a light scratch that has not affected the color coat.

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Effectively Removes Scratches

scratch remover before and after

Mother’s scratch remover fixes clear coat scratches by smoothing out the surface around scratches. 

Scratches create a sharp valley in the surface of your car’s clear coat, reflecting light back into your eyes at a different angle than the rest of the clear coat. 

This product reduces the uneven light reflecting into your eyes by reducing the depth of the scratch, therefore creating a smooth clear coat surface.

 I have used this product to fix many scratches on various types of vehicles. The difference that this product makes is amazing. It has helped me remove scratches around door handles, faded spots from paper towel damage, scratches from automatic car washes, and more!

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Quick and Convenient

Removing scratches with Mother’s scratch remover is extremely quick and easy. 

Simply clean the area with the scratch, apply product to microfiber towel and buff the area, and wipe away the excess product.

Additionally, the slim design of the bottle is very convenient. 

It can fit almost anywhere because of its small size. Even though the bottle is slim, it still contains enough scratch remover to last a long time!

Mothers Scratch Remover Product Image

For a detailed guide on fixing scratches with Mother’s scratch remover:

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Perfect for Quick Fixes and Final Touches

Mother’s scratch remover is a great tool to fix light scratches as you notice them. You could even keep this in your glovebox because of its size. 

There have been many times where I’ve noticed a scratch on my car and had it fixed within minutes using this product, therefore it often comes in handy.

It also provides the perfect touch when detailing your car. After washing and before waxing, you should look around the car to find clear coat scratches that need fixed.

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