How To Wash Car With Foam Cannon

How To Wash Car With Foam Cannon

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Washing a car using a bucket and a garden hose takes too long. It’s way easier and more effective to wash a car with a foam cannon. If you are washing your car at home, a foam cannon will definitely make your job easier. How use a snow cannon?

  1. Rinse the car thoroughly. 
  2. Put car shampoo in the foam gun.
  3. Apply foam on the car.
  4. Let the foam sit for a minute. 
  5. Rinse the foam away. 
  6. Blow-dry the car or dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Although it’s as simple as that, some little details can make your car even shinier. The type of car shampoo you are using, whether it’s a soap designed for foam or a homemade car wash soap, the type of paint, and the coating on the car affect the cleaning process as well.

DIY car washing is even better when you start doing research on what works best. Here is a guide for using foam guns and foam cannons to wash a car.

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Are Foam Cannons Worth It

Are Foam Cannons Worth It 

There is a common misconception that foam cannons save time but do not provide the same results as handwashing a car. It is true that if you are not using the foam cannon the right way, your car may end up with some dirt and water spots.

Foam cannons when used correctly provide a spotless shiny car wash. So, yes, foam cannons are definitely worth it. They are an effective way to protect your car’s paint. 

With that being said, we need to clear up some things. Do not mistake foam cannons for foam guns. Foam cannons provide high pressure and require a pressure washer to be used. Foam guns provide low pressure and do not require a pressure washer. 

The only disadvantage to foam cannons is that they require a pressure washer. A foam gun is basically a garden hose with a special adapter for applying the car shampoo so you don’t have to by hand.

That’s the main difference between foam cannons and foam guns. Otherwise, they look the same and can be easily mistaken for each other.

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Benefits Of Using A Foam Cannon

How To Use A Snow Cannon

Most car owners think that using a foam cannon is as simple as mixing the foam and applying it. It’s true that washing a car with a foam cannon is an effortless task. However, the steps you take before washing the car highly affect the end result.

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Choosing The Right Car Wash Soap

Depending on the type of car paint and coating you have, you choose an adequate car wash soap. It’s really important to do research on the product you are using. Most top-grade brands like Chemical Guys and Meguiar’s offer a lot of different products, each serving a different purpose.

For instance, some products are only for usage on cars with ceramic coating. Some products do not clean well on waxed cars. Also, each product has specific instructions on how to mix the foam.

You need to make sure that you are using the right product for your car. Otherwise, the foam cannon can do more harm than good. Do not try to use dish soap with a foam cannon.

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How Dirty Is Your Car

Another thing you need to take into account is how dirty your car is. The amount of dirt on the car determines how you will be cleaning the car.

If there is only surface dirt and the car just needs its regular wash, you don’t need to take any specific precautions. All you need to do is rinse, foam, and rinse again.

Cars with hard-to-get rid-of dirt may need to be washed with a wash mitt after applying the foam and before rinsing the soap.

Cleaning The Car

  1. Rinse the car.
    This is a prepping step. By rinsing the car before applying the foam you are lifting off the big dirt pieces. And, you are leaving a nice surface for the rest of the dirt to be cleaned. If you plan on washing your undercarriage, now is the time to jack up the car.
  2. Mix the foam in the cannon. 
    I can’t stress this enough, carefully read the instructions on the product on how to mix the foam. Do not use homemade car wash soaps with a foam cannon. I highly recommend getting a dedicated car cleaning product for your paint and coating.
  3. Apply the foam.
    This is probably the easiest step. Just take the foam cannon and thoroughly spray foam on the car. You can apply the foam on the wheels as well.
  4. Let the foam sit for a minute. 
    Give some time for the foam to lift off the dirt. Don’t leave it on for too long. Don’t let it dry.
  5. Optional: Wash with a microfiber cloth or a wash mitt.
    This is an optional step. It depends on how dirty your car is. If there is a lot of road grime and hard-to-get rid of dirt, you will need to do this. Take a bucket of water for rinsing and a clean wash mitt. Wipe the foam with a mitt and rinse it in the wash bucket. If the car has surface dirt, you don’t have to do this.
  6. Rinse the car with the pressure washer.
    To finish up the cleaning process, thoroughly rinse away the foam with the pressure washer.
  7. Dry the car. 
    You have two options here. Blow-drying and hand drying. Blow-drying is more effective and results in a better shiny finish. If you don’t have a blow-dryer, dry the car by wiping it with several clean dry microfiber cloths.

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Related Questions And Other FAQs

Do You Have To Scrub Your Car If You Use A Foam Cannon

It depends on how dirty the car is. If the car has stuck dirt and road grime that the soap can’t lift off on its own, you will need to scrub. Otherwise, there is no need for you to scrub the car. The foam cannon can clean surface dirt on its own.

Do You Rinse Your Car Before Foam Cannon

Yes, rinsing before using a foam cannon is a must. You want to rinse your car before applying the soap no matter how you are washing it. Rinsing is a prepping step, without it, the soap won’t be able to lift off the dirt completely.

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