How To Remove Leaf Stains From Car Paint

How To Remove Leaf Stains From Car Paint

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Cars stored outside for a long period of time can get leaf stains from the falling trees. Leaves falling on your car can cause damage in any amount of time. The paint job gets stained when the leaves are not removed for a long time. If removed improperly, it’s like to cause many different types of scratches.

Do you have a car that has been parked under a tree? Here is how to remove leaf stains, and how to prevent leaf stains on car paint.

  1. Pick up the leaves using only hands.
  2. Wash the car with car shampoo.
  3. Add a scratch & swirl remover to the stains.
  4. Treat the stains.
  5. Rewash the car.
  6. Wax your car.

Can Leaves Damage Car Paint

Can Leaves Damage Car Paint

I think most people don’t realize how bad leaves can be for the paint job. They don’t like tree sap all around the car because it makes it very dirty. But it’s not the dirt that is damaging the paint.

Tree leaves are actually acidic. This is especially true for Autumn leaves. The thing is, the leaves start decomposing on the car. They release all kinds of chemicals which some are acidic and can damage the paint.

Don’t be too worried though, the leaves are dangerous as long as they stay on the car. If you remove the leaves each day, there’s no danger. However, if you don’t clean your car for quite some time, the leaves will leave a stain.

Left the leaves on for too long? Don’t worry! You can easily use a clay bar to remove any built up dirt from the paint. If you plan to wax your car, this is a standard part of the process.

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How To Keep Car Clean From Tree Leaves

With every season, there are weather conditions that can damage your car’s paint. You should not allow that to happen, you need to take care of your car.

So, if you regularly get tree leaves and tree sap on your car, follow this guide to keep your car clean.

  • Always pick up the leaves using only your hand.
    As I said, the leaves don’t start decomposing immediately. During that time, there is no acid that can ruin your car. That’s why you need to remove them quickly. However, you need to remove them one by one. Use your hand. Don’t use a brush or anything else. The leaves contain abrasives that may scratch the paint.
  • Regularly wash your car.
    Another thing you should do is never skip the regular wash. If your car is regularly getting dirty, you should wash it every week. Abrasive dirt that you can’t really notice is probably on your car. More so, some of the leaves may have released acid without you knowing it.
  • Keep the car away from trees.
    It’s a reasonable thing to do. Just don’t park under that tree. I know that some of you don’t have that option. The whole street may be covered with trees. I recommend parking your vehicle in a garage, of course, only if it’s possible.
  • Wax your car.
    Lastly, you can add a protective wax coat to your paint job. Give your car a layer of coating. Most people choose to wax, it’s the least expensive, and easy to apply. However, you can go for Clear Bra or ceramic coating.
  • Use A Leaf Blower
    If you do not give leaves time to sit on your car, they will not be able to stain your paint! I recommend using a leaf blower to frequently remove any leaves from surfaces on your car. This can be done discreetly with electric leaf blowers if necessary.
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Removing Leaf Stain From Car Paint

  1. Remove all leaves from your car

    Start by picking up each leaf one by one. Make sure there are none left. You don’t want more stains to appear. Also, you don’t want to scratch the paint, so don’t use anything else. Don’t use leaf blowers too, that’s a bad idea.

  2. Wash your car with automotive soap

    Once you are sure that your car has no surface dirt, give it a regular wash. This is a prepping step for treating leaf stains. You will be adding heavy-duty stain removers. These work best on a clean car.

  3. Choose a stain remover

    You can go with anything here. There are organic stain removers. I recommend Meguiar’s Scratch & Swirl Remover. This product can clean stubborn stains, water stains, acid stains, bird dropping stains, swirl marks, and leaf marks.

  4. Apply the cleaning agent on the leaf marks

    It’s best to follow the instructions on the bottle. The cleaning process is most efficient if you follow the instructions. Usually, you apply the stain remover to a soft cloth and treat the leaf stains gently. I recommend using microfiber applicator pads and wiping in circular motions.

  5. Repeat Step 4 until there are no stains

    It depends on how bad the stains are, but you may need to reapply the stain remover.

  6. Wash the car again

    Again, regular washing

  7. Add a protective wax layer

    This is just a smart thing to do. Also, you are protected from future leaf stains. Pay attention to where the leaf marks were.

Unfortunately, some of you already have a leaf stain, and that’s why you are here. Your paint finish is not completely ruined, don’t worry. It’s a difficult time, but you can get rid of that stain. Washing your car is not enough to remove the stain. Sometimes you can use a pressure washer and foam cannon combo to remove any dried leaves or stains. Otherwise, if you’re still not sure of the process, check out this video:

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  1. Add a protective wax layer.
    This is just a smart thing to do. Also, you are protected from future leaf stains. Pay attention to where the leaf marks were.

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What Is The Best Stain Remover For Car Paint

Additional Tips

  • If the stains persist, take your car to professional paint cleaners.
    Most likely, common stains, and surface stains, you can restore yourself. But for a stubborn stain, you will have to go to a professional. These places will take care of any sort of stain.
  • Do not try to get rid of the stain with alcohol or vinegar.
    You need a cleaning solution specifically for car paint. If you use products like these, your paint will have alcohol damage. We all know that alcohol and vinegar are acids, so you are only adding fuel to the fire. An unknown option for a cleaning solution here is using WD40 as an alternative.
  • Try the clay bar treatment. 
    I do not personally recommend this as a solution. Clay bars are abrasive, and if not used right you can damage the paint even more. I see that it worked for a lot of people so I just wanted to list it here.
  • Use a non-abrasive pad for applying the stain remover.
    As I said, I recommend microfiber applicator pads but you can use anything you want as long as it’s non-abrasive.
  • You can do the regular washing with dish soap.
    Just make sure the stain remover is specifically for cars. Know that dish soap will remove any wax from your cars paint.

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Related Questions And Other FAQs

Does Vinegar Hurt Car Paint

Yes, any type of vinegar ruins car paint. You should never use vinegar on your paint job, even if it’s diluted with warm water. Vinegar even though a mild acid can cause huge damage to paint surfaces. Vinegar is strong enough to remove rust, so your cars paint stands no chance.

Does Toothpaste Ruin Car Paint

Yes, toothpaste is bad for car paint. Toothpaste is abrasive. Never use toothpaste on the paint surface. The abrasive will scratch up the paint badly.

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