How To Remove Old Bird Poop Stains From Car

How To Remove Bird Poop Stains From Car: Dry, Fresh & Sticky

Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

There is nothing more annoying than bird droppings on a car. Not only does bird poo so that it looks bad, but it also damages the paint. In cases where the bird poop is not cleaned off quickly, it causes bird poop stains on the paint.

That’s must be why you are here. Don’t worry, we will fix the stains. Here is a guide on how to remove old bird poop stains from cars. We will also explain how to clean the car owners from caked-on bird poop and how to protect the paint from bird poop damage.

  1. Examine the size of the stain.
  2. Minor stains treat with a compound.
  3. Sand big stains.
  4. Add a compound.
  5. Polish for a glossy finish.

Treating bird poop stains on the car paint is not easy to do. You will need tools and expertise to remove bird behind. Read the guide thoroughly to avoid swirl marks and other types of car scratches.

How To Remove Bird Poop From Car Without Damaging Paint

Since it’s really important to be quick when cleaning bird poop, you should know some of the most effective ways to do that. Here are some tips. The removal process depends on how wet or dry the poop is.

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How To Remove Bird Poop On Car: Fresh Droppings

  • Use a soft cloth dipped in a car cleaner.
    The bird excrement is also abrasive. While it’s fresh, you can easily wipe it off. But that’s not that smart. You can scratch the paint. Use a soft cloth dipped in a car cleaning product. Place the cloth over the poop and let it sit for 30 seconds. This will dissolve the acid and pick up the abrasives. Then, just wipe away the poop. You can also use something like a car detailing spray.
  • Use bird poop wipes
    There are wipes made specifically for cleaning bird poop off your car. These work great on fresh poop. Not that good on dry poop though. The wipes are really soft, made with materials safe for car paint. Just wipe away the poop with the wipes.

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How To Remove Bird Poop On Car: Dried Droppings

Dry poop is harder to get rid of because it’s stuck on the car paint. Trying to scrub it without loosening it up first will cause damage to the vehicle’s paint.

  • Use WD-40.
    One of the most effective products to remove bird poop is WD-40. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used as a lubricant too. Just spray some WD-40 on the droppings and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Once the poop has loosened up, wipe away with a clean cloth dipped in clean water.
  • Use Bug & Tar Remover
    Another multi-purpose product that can remove bird poop off your car, along with other hard to remove particles. It works the same way as the WD-40. Just apply it on the droppings, let it sit, then wipe away.
  • Baking soda and hot water. 
    You can make a homemade bird poo remover using household items. In a spray bottle, add 2 tbs of baking soda, 1 tbs of dish soap, and warm water. To clean bird poop, spray the mix on the bird poo and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Once soaked, wipe away with a clean cloth.
  • Carbonated cola
    The acidity of the carbonated cola will safely lift the bird droppings off of your car allowing for an easy wipe up. Any carbonated drink will work, but Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi are common options.

Any of these will remove bird poop that has dried. A simple cleaning solution to get rid of bird droppings. Remember, you should wash your car after using any of these products.

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Repairing Car’s Paint With Damage From Bird Droppings

Repairing Car Paint With Bird Poop Damage

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Now, the acid from bird droppings is fast-acting. But you have a whole day to clean a bird dropping off your car before it causes serious damage.

Paint damage occurs if you neglect your car. So, I guess you didn’t clean off the bird poop stain fast enough; you may have a minor stain or a big one, depending on how long the poop stayed there. The cleaning process depends on whether you have a minor stain that is easily removed, or paint damage from the bird poop etching left on your car’s paint.

Treating Minor Bird Poop Stains

  1. Remove bird droppings that’re caked on.
    I guess most of you have already removed the droppings, that’s how you found out about the stain. If you haven’t, get WD-40, spray it on the poop. Let it sit for a minute or two, wipe away with a soft cloth. You can also use a damp cloth dipped in warm water for wiping. WD40 is a great alternative for removing caked on material.
  2. Wash your car.
    Give your car a regular wash. Car dedicated wash soaps are recommended.
  3. Get a compound. 
    You need a compound that removes scratches, swirls, and acid stains. There are many car cleaning products you can choose from. I recommend Meguiar’s Ultra-Cut Compound. It acts fast, and it can be applied by hand. Perfect for treating topical stains by hand.
  4. Apply compound. 
    You don’t need a buffer for topical stains. You can apply the compound by hand with an applicator pad. Follow the instructions on the product you bought.

This should remove any topical stain and restore that nice gloss finish.

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Treating Etching from Bird Droppings

This is the worst-case scenario. Tropical stains damage only the paint surface, so it’s not that dangerous. Etching occurs when multiple paint layers are damaged. Major stains like these require tools to be fixed. Not only that, expertise too.

You will need a dual-action polisher or a buffer. You may be able to level surface with dry sand paper, but you will need a buffer for the polishing. So, if you don’t have a buffer you won’t be able to do this. Consider getting one or contact a professional detailer. Check out the 10 Best Electric Buffer For Car Waxing & Buying Guide.

  1. Remove any caked-on bird excrement.
    Just like before, make sure all bird droppings on your car are gone. Use WD-40 to remove old bird poop. Use poop car wipes for fresh ones.
  2. Prep your car. 
    Now is the time to wash your car like you never did before. I mean it should be squeaky clean. Use the two-bucket method and a high-quality car wash shampoo. Get rid of any stuck particles. Dry the car with a clean microfiber cloth. Make sure you are using a dry cloth.
  3. Level the paint.
    This is a complicated step. Right now, the stains and the rest of the paint are not on the same level. So, you need to bring the rest of the paint on the same level as the stain. To do this, it’s best to use an electric buffer. Attach a microfiber cutting pad to the buffer, and add cutting compound. Slowly work your way through the surrounding paint. If the stain is on the hood, work on the entire hood. Then, use a softer buffing pad and a fine rubbing compound. Finish with the finest grit.
  4. Polishing the paint. 
    The step you did before will leave you with a shineless finish. You need to restore the paint to its original glory. Again, you need a buffer here. Attach a soft buffer pad and a fine polishing compound. Work your way through the paint slowly, following patterns. Change pads to avoid swirls. Repeat this until you get a fine glossy finish.
  5. Add a layer of protection to the paint. 
    You can go with anything here, waxing, Clear Bra, or ceramic coating. Whatever you choose, it will work just as fine.

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There you go, that’s how you treat paint etching. Remember though, this is something that inexperienced people shouldn’t do. If you don’t know what you are doing, just don’t do it. You will cause even more damage.

To visualize things, I will leave a video on paint detailing. However, if you still don’t feel confident, just take your car to a professional.

How Does Bird Poop Damage Car Paint

How Does Bird Poop Damage Car Paint

It’s already clear that bird droppings can cause serious damage to the paint. But how does that happen? Bird excrement contains acid that comes from the stomach. It’s called uric acid.

This helps birds break down hard to process foods. Have you ever wondered how a bird that is so small can eat so many different things? Well, this is why.

The uric acid has very high levels of pH. So, it’s very corrosive. When it comes in contact with the paint job, it starts to corrode the surface layers of clear coat. This is how topical stains occur.

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However, this is not that dangerous. Clear Bra and ceramic coating are pretty good at protecting the paint from removing bird poop stains.

But if the poop stays on the paint for a while, more serious damage occurs. Combined with UV rays, the poop can eat way the coating too. Hence, it causes etching. That’s why you need to clean bird poop as soon as possible.

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Related Questions And Other FAQs

What Is The Best Bird Poop Stain Remover?

I prefer to use car detailer spray to wet & soak the stain for easy removal, but really this concept could apply to anything. Some people opt for WD40 to remove bird droppings from their paint, while a professional car detailer may not. At the end of the day it’s up to you, and your level of concern will vary depending on the care you provide your vehicle.

How To Keep Bird Poop Off Your Car?

The most straight forward answer is park your car in a garage or under a car cover. If you can’t do this, I recommend applying regular applications of car wax. If this is something you can’t handle time wise, I recommend springing for an application of clear coat or paint protection film instead.

Does Bird Poop Damage Car Paint?

Yes, bird poop can damage car paint. If left long enough, the acidity of the droppings will wear into the paint of your car. This is known as bird poop etching.

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