How To Use Leaf Blower To Dry Car

How To Use Leaf Blower To Dry Car

Did you know that you can use a leaf blower to dry your car? This idea can seem absolutely crazy to one car owner, but genius to another. Some people worry that the leaf blower may actually damage the car, which is a legitimate concern if used improperly. How to use a leaf blower to dry a car?

To dry a car using a leaf blower, just turn it on and hold it at a curved angle. Use top to bottom movements for maximum efficiency. Otherwise, you are just spreading the water droplets around the car.

So now you know the basics, here are a few tips to make sure you’re using the leaf blower safely and effectively.

However, if you want to get a bit more value out of your leaf blower, there are quite a few other less conventional tasks it can help with.

For example, they are commonly used to clear snow while some people also use them to clear lint from dryer vents.

Drying A Car With A Leaf Blower

Drying A Car With A Leaf Blower

Although some people don’t advise using a leaf blower to dry a car, if you use it properly, there’s no danger to it.

You just have to make sure that the leaf blower is clean and it’s not blowing additional dust to the car paint.

To make sure the leaf blower isn’t blowing dust, grab a big piece of paper and spill water over it. Then, just blow some air into it. Do you see any dust on it? If so, you need to clean it up.

If the leaf blower isn’t blowing dust on the paint job, you can use it for drying. Turn it on, and hold it at a 45 degrees angle. Don’t put it too close to the paint job.

It’s very important to use the top to bottom movements. For instance, start from the top of the door, and move to the bottom.

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Tips For Using A Leaf Blower To Dry Your Car

Tips For Using A Leaf Blower To Dry Your Car

  • Be mindful of the cord if you’re not using a cord-less model. Make sure it doesn’t touch the paint, or it will contaminate it.
  • Always point the leaf blower away from the car when you first turn it on to avoid blowing dust that may have accumulated beforehand.
  • Clean the leaf blower before using it to prevent dust and debris from flying onto the car.
  • Don’t use a leaf blower in dusty conditions or you’ll likely get it on your car. Wet the ground with a hose if you need to.
  • Never point the leaf blower at the ground or you’ll kick up dirt all over your car.

Benefits Of Using A Leaf Blower To Dry A Car

Benefits Of Using A Leaf Blower To Dry A Car

What are the advantages of using a leaf blower to dry your car? Let’s have a look at these first.


Using a leaf blower is undeniably far quicker than drying your car with a towel or chamois.

With a powerful blower, you can finish the whole job in a matter of minutes. And at the end of the day, we all need a quick and easy fix for every task we are presented with.


No matter how careful you are and no matter how fancy a drying cloth you own, there is always the risk of a piece of grit or dirt finding its way in.

This can cause scratches on your beautiful paintwork and absolutely no one wants this happening to them.

Even if this doesn’t happen, vigorous drying can create swirls in the paint and you don’t want that happening either.

Leaving your vehicle to dry naturally in the sun is also no answer –so blowing it dry is the perfect safe solution.


When you dry your car with a towel, you can miss a lot of hard-to-reach spots like underneath the door handles.

You think the car is dry, but then when you drive away, the water escapes and creates smears. This will result in a dirty smudgy look.

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The Cons Of Using A Leaf Blower To Dry A Car

The Cons Of Using A Leaf Blower To Dry A Car

Like everything in life, there are some disadvantages to using a leaf blower on cars.

  • Can blow out debris
    Leaf blowers are designed for blowing out leaves in your yard, not drying your precious car, and they tend to blow out a lot of dust and debris. This can then stick to your car, making it look dirty again.
  • Large nozzles not designed for control
    The large nozzles on most leaf blowers are not ideal for this kind of work and make it hard to control the direction of airflow accurately.
  • Noise
    Leaf blowers are inherently noisy devices – much more so than simply drying a car by hand, so if you are bothered by loud noises, this may be a problem.

Car Dryer Vs Leaf Blower

A high-speed car dyer is intended for an effortlessly smooth detailing job. Most professionals in the industry invest in a suitable car air dryer that is made for a pristine finish on your vehicle.

While they come at a more premium price than an average household item, they’re well worth the investment for multiple reasons.


Car air dryers are specifically designed with a vehicle in mind. They’re often portable, and easy to handle. The mechanics of a car dryer are simple.

Warm or hot air is forced from an air machine that is then directed at the surface of a vehicle. This even airflow is powerful enough to blow out even the smallest particles.

In addition, it avoids the constant mishaps of accidentally hitting the vehicle, or blowing out other harmful debris.


Drying a vehicle by hand can be both expensive in terms of time and equipment.

If you’re drying by hand, you’ll likely need to invest in multiple products and continue to purchase new items so as to avoid using the same old towel.

Car dryers are a one-time purchase that can be used over and over again.

Preserves Paintwork

The most obvious benefit of avoiding using a leaf blower and investing, instead, in a proper car detailing dryer is the end result.

Constantly rubbing the finished paint on your car is bound to end up in micro-scratches, marks, and other imperfections.

Car air drying means that your paint stays in place and is dried evenly. Additionally, it helps you to clean in hard-to-reach areas where moisture can build up and cause rust and other issues.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Can A Leaf Blower Damage Car

Using a leaf blower once to dry a car, won’t damage the car. The only danger is that you can recontaminate your car with debris and dirt after washing it. Regularly using a leaf blower to dry a car can cause damage.

What Is The Best Way To Dry Your Car

The absolute best way to dry your car is to use a dedicated automotive blow-dryer. These appliances are specifically designed for drying a car.

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