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Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry Review

Ron Buckley

Last Updated on November 14, 2023 by Chase Manhattan

When drying your car, there is very little lubrication between your towel and the paint. This can make it easy to cause scratches and swirl marks in your paint.

Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry speeds up the drying process and helps prevent swirl marks and water spots! It is also a spray wax, therefore adds an extra layer of protection to your vehicle while being perfect for waxing a car with a buffer and still maintaining all the benefits of waxing your car.

Here are my full description and review of the product!

About the Product

Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry is a spray wax with special qualities. Unlike normal waxes, it is applied to a wet surface and dries it in the process!

It is used by spraying onto a wet car after being washed, then wiping away with a dry towel. This leaves the car’s surface dried and waxed in one step!

The 26 fl. oz. bottle lasts for up to 17 cars and is a great addition to your car washing routine!

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Makes Drying Quicker and Easier

Turtle Wax 50834 1-Step Wax & Dry-26 oz. Double Pack with Microfiber Towel, 52. Fluid_Ounces, 2 Pack

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The biggest reason I like Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry are that it makes the drying process much easier. I would often have trouble picking up every bit of water off my car without it.

After drying a spot, my towel would quickly become soaked with water. This resulted in streaks and water spots since the towel couldn’t hold any more water.

This problem even occurred with my large drying towel, but for this product, all I needed was a small microfiber towel to get the job done.

With this product, the surface dried easily even if my towel was already wet. This is because the product is designed to bead up the water into small particles.

This allows any water not picked up by the towel to air dry the rest of the way without leaving water spots. Although I’d still have to wring out the towel frequently, it was much easier than using my large drying towel.

Additionally, sometimes when I got around to the other side of the car it was already dry. This results in a bigger mess by leaving water spots all over one half of the car.

This product solved this by speeding up the drying process. Therefore, I could dry the other side of the car before it evaporated. This is especially helpful if you can’t escape the sun when washing your car.

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This product helps prevents water spots by beading up water into small particles instead of leaving streaks. It made the drying process much easier (and more satisfying). Without any water spots, it leaves the car with a spotless finish, even when looking up-close.

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Adds a Layer of Protection

wet car

Not only does it make drying easier, but it is also still a spray wax that adds a layer of protection.

I mainly use paste wax for paint protection, but the extra layer that Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry add to my car after every wash helps keep my car even more protected.

Waxing itself is really quick and easy with this product. It’s easy to apply and the wax comes off easily.

It saves a lot of time, especially when you consider it being integrated into the drying process. It is the perfect way to make my previous wax job last longer.

I recommend using paste wax for your normal wax protection, but eventually, wax fades off and loses its effect. This happens slowly over time after waxing. Use this product’s layer of protection to help make your paste wax job last longer.

I also use it to dry the windows, therefore adding a layer of wax to them.

I really enjoyed this because it repelled water off the windows. This makes it easier to see when it is raining because the water slides right off! It’s another great reason to use this product to dry all parts of your car.

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Helps Prevent Scratching

Improper drying is often the cause of swirl marks and light scratches on cars.

Lubrication is a very important part of automotive detailing. Many detailing products are designed to give optimal lubrication when being used.

When drying your car, there isn’t much lubrication between your towel and the car’s paint, especially when drying sections without much water.

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clean honda s2000

With little lubrication, even a soft towel could potentially scratch the car, especially if there are any specs of dirt on the towel.

Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry helps prevent scratching by adding extra lubrication between the towel and the paint. This helps prevent mistakes when washing your car that could damage the clear coat. It’s great for people paranoid about causing scratches while drying or people getting started with auto detailing.

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Turtle Wax: Wax and Dry is a great tool to have for quick, easy drying.

It helps prevent water spots and dries the car quickly. It’s extremely easy to use and saves a ton of time by speeding up and combining steps in the wash and wax process.

It also helps prevent scratches by providing extra lubrication.

Lastly, it adds an extra layer of wax, protecting the vehicle and repelling water from your windows! I highly recommend trying this product during your next wash.

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