How To Keep Birds From Pooping On Your Car

How To Keep Birds From Pooping On Your Car

You just had your favorite car washed. It’s looking shiny, attractive, and neat. Suddenly, the unexpected happens, you discovered there is bird poop on the car, and it is so visible. How to keep birds from pooping on your car?

  • Park your car away from trees.
  • Park in a garage.
  • Change car color.
  • Add a car cover.
  • Avoid parking close to buildings.
  • Avoid parking under electric posts and wires.
  • Keep side mirrors covered.
  • Install a bird scaring device.
  • Place pinwheels when you park.
  • Install motion sprinklers.
  • Place a rubber snake on your car.

Has this ever happened to you? It isn’t pleasant at all. And if you live near a beach, lake, or river, you’ll likely experience this problem over and over again.

And the truth is, if you do nothing, it could continue happening to your precious set of wheels. Here are some tips to help you keep birds from pooping on your car.

Where You Park Your Car

Where You Park Your Car

Parking your car under a tree is almost like begging the birds to poop on it. Birds take shelter in trees. They also often stop by trees to have a good rest before continuing their journeys.

The tree is a cool place to park a car, as its shade help keep the elements at bay. However, trees can’t guarantee your car’s protection against bird poop. So, if you had your car parked under a tree, don’t complain when you find bird poop on it.

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What Color Is Your Car

What Color Is Your Car

A study conducted indicates that birds find a particular color more attractive. And that color happens to be red. So, if your car is painted red, don’t be surprised to find bird poop on it more often than the other cars.

The good news is, that we have identified amazing ways to prevent birds from releasing their droppings on your car.

But remember, no technique is superior to another. Just keep trying them out and see the one that works for the birds in your area code.

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Park In A Garage

Park In A Garage

This is the easiest way to stop bird poop from hitting your car. If you have the luxury of parking in a garage, then do so every time you can.

A carport, covered porch, or other overhead structure will also help with this specific problem.

Keep Side Mirrors Covered

Have you been noticing scratches on your side mirrors lately? That might not be the handwork of your kids, but birds. They may fight with the mirror thinking they’re fighting a male intruder, not knowing it’s just their own reflection.

Birds also enjoy pooping on side mirrors. So, keep them covered whenever you plan to park your car for a longer time. You can use a sock, plastic bag, or even cardboard.

Avoid Parking Close To Buildings

Most people are fond of parking their cars near the edge of buildings. If you’re one of such people, please stop doing that. Birds can poop on your car while standing on that very edge.

Use A Car Cover

Use A Car Cover

Car covers will keep birds from going to the bathroom on your car while it is not in use.

You can find affordable ones online or at any local department store, but make sure to get one that’s made of a durable material like nylon or vinyl and has a UV protective coating.

Avoid Electric Posts And Wires

Avoid Electric Posts And Wires

If you can help it, don’t park your car under any electric wires or posts. This is a common spot for birds to roost and perch, and they will often poop on cars that are parked in this area.

You may need to park a little further from your home than you would like, but it’s worth it to keep your car clean.

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Install A Bird Scaring Device

This is a slightly more involved solution but it can definitely work. Installing a bird scarring a device.

I took the below video when I saw these bird scarer kites soaring above a farm and thought they would totally work to stop birds doing their business on your car.

If you have the space, bird scaring kites could be the perfect solution for you.

Place Pinwheels On Your Windows

This is another good way to scare off birds from pooping on your car.

The sound they make when spinning will be enough to keep any bird away, as will the reflective material. So, this is a simple solution for scaring them without using anything too dangerous or toxic.

Pinwheels come in all sizes and shapes, so feel free to find one that’s unique or fits with whatever style you have for your vehicle. In the summertime, you can find them at the dollar store or any store that sells gardening items.

Install Motion Sprinklers

This is a more expensive solution, but if you have a problem with birds pooping on your car regularly, then it may be worth the investment.

Motion-activated sprinklers are designed to go off when they detect movement in an area, so they’re perfect for keeping pesky animals like birds away.

You can find these sprinklers at home improvement stores, but make sure it’s the ones that are motion-activated.

Place A Rubber Snake On The Car

Snakes prey on birds. So, let’s use the same strategy to prank the birds and prevent them from perching on your car.

Get a rubber snake and place it on your car’s roof. You can get two, place one on the roof and the second on the bumper.

But please, remember to take the rubber snake off your car before hitting the road. You don’t want to scare other road users with that.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

What Happens If A Bird Poops On Your Car

When birds poop all over it, it is not only unsightly, it can cause damage to the paint. When you truly love a vehicle, bird poop on the bodywork is like a personal insult.

How Do You Stop Birds From Poping In Your Parking Lot?

One very easy method to increase your overall chances of avoiding avian messes is to park away from places where birds hang out. These include: Light posts. The edge of buildings (birds will often poop just before or while taking off). Lamp poles. Dumpsters.

Do Birds Pee And Poop Separately?

Birds do not pee and poop separately. Their white droppings contain uric acid, a component of urine. Uric acid is corrosive enough to etch through a car’s paint, so it’s important to wipe bird droppings off a car’s finish as soon as possible.

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